Saturday, 25 September 2021

Cogs & Spoon Plaque


Remember this spoon I picked up from the car boot a few weeks ago?

I used my new Finn stencil and silver icing paste to put the pattern on this piece of wood.

I glued a piece of lace over the top.

Then I pulled out a few resin pieces and played around until I came up with something that I likes.

I painted on some prussian blue and sprayed water on it to dilute the colour.

Painted all the elements black except the spoon.

Next I sprayed the pieces with Decoart turquoise metallic spray.

Once dry, I used my new favourite colour of alchemy wax brushed iron, to high-light parts of the embellishments.

I decided to paint the spoon silver.

Close up of the head / bowl of the spoon.

And a close up of the other end, the fancy handle.

And finally the middle of the spoon.

This is going up for sale in my online website.

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