Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Tuesday Taggers - Houses

Tuesday Taggers are asking for anything houses this week.  I decided on these 4 inchies.  I stamped them, painted them with water colours, cut them out and gave them a black border.

The CraftBarn are sponsors of this weeks challenge.

Black & White Moment - J, K, L

Did a few more pages for the 4 x 4  alphabet swap, for some reason they all came out with a black and white theme!!! So we have J for Journey, K for Key and L for Laugh.

Monday, 30 August 2010

4 x 4 Alphabet Swap G, H & I

I was on a roll with these, so did the next 3. G is for Giggle, H is for Holding Hands except you can't see the metal charm that says 'hold' very well in the photo, as just for a change it's raining, so again the photo isn't great!!! And I is for Inspire and again you can't see the word inspire on the metal tag too well.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Autumn Coloured ATC's

This set is for another swap on KCUK group.  The theme is autumn colours.  Sorry the top two are so dark, but it's raining, the light is flat and I can't get a decent photo!!!!  And the middle one is caught in crystal so it's a bit shiny anyway.

Again I hope they are ok as this is the first time for a swap.  Stamping has to be evident and no peel offs!!!!  Think these fit the bill!!!!

Alphabet 4 x 4 Swap A - F

I've just joined a fab yahoo group, KCUK and just in the nick of time too as there is a 4 x4 alphabet swap taking place which has just started.  Well A - C is August's theme and then 3 per month after that, so if I post them Tuesday they might just get there on Wednesday. So here are, A for Art, B for Beautiful and C for Crown.

And as I'm going to be slightly late with August's I thought I'd get September's in early!!!  D for Dream, E for Eye and F for Friend. The eye is stamped onto a cd and covered in UTEE with a drizzle of orange 'to die for' added.

I'm hoping they will be ok as this is my first swap with them.  You have to use stamping on your work and no peel offs are allowed - this is my kind of swap!!!!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Pockets of Secrets

The base is a piece of dark brown felt but it must be of a different fabric mix as it didn't burn very well, it was from Boyes and the pieces from The Range are certainly much thicker and singe much better. There is a piece of batting next to give it some spring and padding, then I laid on a piece of cream frayed scrim.  The image is another ice resin piece and was sewn on with the machine with a piece of chocolate organza over the top.  I left the top open to insert the wire hanger.  Once this was in place I put fibres, wool, threads, sequins, beads and buttons on the opposite side and sewed in 3 little pockets to house all the bits. I printed the word 'secrets' onto a piece of scrim, padded it out with a bit of stuffing, sewed around the edges, frayed the right hand side and then sewed some lines into it and sewed it onto the bottom of the felt. I finished by adding beads to the hanger. Pity that the felt won't burn any more as I wanted it to have a more distressed look, but never mind.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Boy & Girl Scripted Hanger

This is a better example using the ice resin as the image has completely gone transparent.  Using black stazon I stamped black script onto the fabric. I made the hanger from wire and placed it inside a piece of tulle and placed the image on top.  I machine sewed over the image, trapping the hanger in the tulle.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Under my Umbrella

Again the main image is an ice resin piece.  As you can see there is a bit of white still left on it, that's where I haven't quite covered it properly.  As it was my first attempt with it I think it's ok.  The image is suspended in the frame and attached with the buttons!!!  The buttons are attached to the image and the felt.  The felt is wrapped round the wire frame and sewn with embroidery thread.  The backing materials, duck egg scrim, chocolate tulle and burgandy felt were all attached with the buttons.  Using my craft tool I melted the edges and burnished a few holes!!!!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Shades of Blue

I made these atc's for a swap I am hosting on UK Stampers forum.  The theme is shades of blue.  They are all fabric based with either lace, beads or acetate added.

Alter it Monthly

I discovered this challenge site, Alter it Monthly, via Zoe, so thanks Zoe.  This will be the first time that I've entered anything so I'm hoping this piece will qualify as the theme is 'music' and the background of this piece is from a sheet of music.  I covered it in ice resin, along with the main image.  Ice resin makes the paper transparent (ish), with like a greasy sticky look, although it isn't (once it's thoroughly dried out). I made a small frame from green wire, suspended the image inside it.  Sewed the frame onto a piece of red velvet and white frayed scrim. These were then mounted onto a piece of burgandy felt which has been subjected to the craft tool for a singed effect. I also burnt the holes the ribbon is threaded through with it too.  I then mounted everything onto a piece of ice resin music paper and added a couple of eyelets.

Heart felt

This piece is made up of all leftovers from previous projects.  I basically just stacked them all on a piece of felt and placed a piece of tulle over the top.  Randomly sewed all over the piece, used the heat gun, then went back in with the textile tool and burnished some random holes.  I added the felt heart and the beads to finish.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Colour Co-ordinates

For the base of this piece I used felt. I dyed all the other materials with various shades eco-line inks.  Laid the larger pieces down on the felt, added the fibres, lace, organza and tulle over the top.  Sewed all the pieces together in a random fashion.  Using the heat gun I melted away some of the fabrics and the felt.  If you click on the photo for a close up you will be able to see that I didn't go too mad with the heat, just enough to give the materials some movement. Lastly, I added the felt heart.

I made this in exactly the same way as above except the base is a piece of dyed vilene and I also used silk paints along with the eco-line inks. I didn't use the heat tool on this piece as I liked the way it had come together without, but felt it needed a little something else. So I printed an image onto acetate and sewed it onto a used and dried out babywipe.  I used the heat tool to melt the edges and sewed it on as the main feature.

Friday, 20 August 2010

First Kiss

Again another transfer. I promise that's the last one for a while, but you have to fill the sheet up don't you!!!  Just simply transferred onto a piece of white scrim and mounted onto a piece of duck egg scrim and sewn onto a backing piece which had previously been dyed.  I hand stitched with embriodery thread the 'x's and then attempted to write 'first kiss' with the thread.  For a first attempt at the writing, I think it's come out ok.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Green Eyed Goddess

Again another transfer image, hand stitched onto other fabrics.  I frayed the edges of the bottom piece and was going to put tassles all the way round, but it took me absolutely ages just to do the bottom, so I left it at that!!!!!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Finders, Keepers

I love this piece, not only for the colours but the range of materials used.  I transferred the images onto the white cottom scrim.  The next layer would you believe is a thick dishcloth which I painted with magenta and plum silk paints which I picked up at The Range at the weekend.  Next is a layer of lilac tulle and finally a layer of burgandy thick felt (again from The Range). I sewed all the layers together using a straight stitch and went over it with a zig-zag stitch.  I added the piece of fibre around the edge using the widest zig-zag stitch.  Using my craft tool I burnt away some of the felt and tulle.  If you try this, make sure you are in a well ventilated room, as it really does give off some fumes.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Sweet Hearts

The background fabric was stamped with stream acrylic paint using the T!m Holtz alteration die as a foam stamp which I'd previously made.  The printed image has been transferred onto a piece of white cottom scrim and backed with a piece of green patterned curtain fabric.  I frayed the edges on both pieces.  Using the largest zig-zag stitch on my machine I sewed on the fibres to create a frame.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Friends with a Dream

This piece was very simple to make.  I printed the images from my computer, ironed them onto the pre dyed fabric (calico) and simply sewed the piece on top of the organza (which came with the gold decor) and the patterned base fabric.  Using the threads I added the beads.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Fabric Transfers

Using a pack of T-shirt transfer paper which I found in my stash by accident, I decided to play around to see what fabrics it could successfully be transferred to.  As you can see it worked pretty well on this previously dyed piece. I also used a piece of netting, a piece of napkin, felt cut into a heart shape and a piece of suede effect fabric.  I frayed some edges and wrapped everything in a piece of red tulle, added decorative stitching (especially to the corners) and some buttons.


Yes, you are quite right it is PINK, and yes, I am feeling ok, thanks for your concern!!!!  Watch this space for the other colours!!!!

Thursday, 12 August 2010


This is just a plain and simple small cushion.  Two pieces of material machine sewn together along three sides and turned inside out.  The middle was filled with stuffing and then the end sewn up.  I added the piece of lace and tied in a bow to decorate.

As I haven't actually sewn two pieces together like this before I thought I'd give it a go.  I'm sure there are other ways to close the forth side up, but I just whizzed it under the machine!!!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Follow your Heart

Using another piece of hand dyed fabric I stitched on a couple of panels which had also been dyed with the same colours of eco-line inks.  The heart shape is the centre out the previous piece and I hand stitched the blue embroidery thread around the outside but machine sewed the heart to the background fabrics.  I hand sewed the beads and sequins on the fabric mesh panel.  On the right hand side there is a pink piece of organza which I slightly singed.  The words on the twill were printed on the computer and attached just at one end.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Share the Love

I hand dyed the fabric with Eco-line inks, cut a heart shape from a piece of deep red velvet with a flower pattern.  Used blue embroidery thread to creat the stitches and loops.  Put a piece of co-ordinating paper behind the heart shape.  Enclosed the whole piece between two pieces of black tulle and sewed it onto a piece of dark pink felt.  Added ribbons, fibres and organza to the edges and using a heat tool gently singed around the outsides.  I hand sewed the beads and sequins to the top layer of black tulle.  I computer generated the text 'share the love' and printed it onto a piece of acetate.  Using the flame from a candle, I burnt around the edges.  I placed a couple of pieces of fibre under the acetate and sewed them onto the base layer.  Having kept a couple of long threads I was able to add various beads.  I machine sewed the singed heart piece onto the background fabric. I bent a piece of wire into a hanger shape, covered it with pink fibres and hand sewed it onto the backing fabric.

This is a close up of the burnt acetate with the fibres sewn underneath and the string of beads.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Live the Dream

As I didn't realise how far the Eco-line inks went I coloured another piece of fabric with the same colours and again used gesso.  I laid various colour co-ordinated fabrics over the top and arrived at this. I sewed on each piece individually using various stitches.  The 'THE' letters are free motion stitching where I tried to use my needle as a pen and colour them in.  I printed the word live onto a piece of acetate and mounted it onto a piece of card inside one of T!m's frame embellishments.  The dream embellishment is one I picked up in Michaels on holiday one year. The cream organza at the top is a circle shape which is kind of fanned and is attached just under the metal frame, so the top and sides are lose and free moving.  I added the string of beads onto a piece of thread that was left long from the stitching.  The buttons and pin were added.  I have left the edges frayed and long threads hanging to give it more of a distressed look rather than clean cut.  Jo has given me loads of tips and I hope I am getting there with this piece.

Again, in my opinion it looks so much better IRL.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Eco-Line Ink & Gesso Background

Having recently purchased a set of Ecoline inks I thought I'd best use them.  I used a purple and a green, along with gesso to create the background on this piece of fabric.  I sewed all the other pieces of fabric onto it, added the buttons, beads and sequins and randomly stamped the words altered and believe.  Using one of my felting wool sausages I'd previously made I painted some wooden beads and added them along the bottom.  I can't seem to get the colours right with the photo, must be the light, or lackof it.  It looks more striking IRL. 

Monday, 2 August 2010

1 of a Kind

I started off using the birdcage from T!m's alteration dies as the bottom of a skirt.  I cut out a body with arms and just built on it.  I used wire and beads for legs and buttons for hands.  The flower stalks are straws covered text.  

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Black & Greys or Brown & Creams

I tore various background papers, stuck them together and formed a rectangle.  I stamped various shapes, words and images either directly onto the papers or onto other papers, cut them out and assembled the above.  Bottom right is actually a tag but it doesn't show up very well on the photo.

I did exactly the same with this one except I used brown and cream tones.

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