Monday, 25 October 2021

Skull in a Jar


I cast a skull and coloured it up.  I needed it raised out of the lid so I used a cotton spool and some cardboard.

I glued a large spider on the top of the jar.

I added white shredded paper and some mini resin embellishments.

I used brushed iron alchemy wax on the embellishments.

And after I'd coloured them I decided that it needed a proper more stable base, so covered a coaster with black powertex and added in some small sand balls.

I used white powertex to dry brush over the coaster to show the sand balls and texture.

View from the left side.

View from the right.

And then finally a shot in the garden.

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Dolls Head in a Jar


I started off playing with plastic spiders, a jar and black tulle.

I painted the dolls head and gave her some make-up!

And this was the end result.

From the left side.

The right side.

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Sunday, 24 October 2021

Skellie in a Coffin


I picked up some plastic skellies and skulls.  I decided he needed a coffin.  So I made one out of cardboard.

I gave it a coat of black powertex and played around with some fabrics and resin pieces.

Then I decided I wanted to mount it on something and use a technique shown to us by Finn aka Anna, in one of her live shows.

After a coat of black powertex I dry brushed in white.

Then to see how he fitted in the box with the fabric in.

Once I was happy with everything I mounted the coffin on the background piece.

And a view from the bottom to the top.

And from the other side.

Close up of some of the embellishments.

And some more from the other side.

And a close up of the legs and feet.

And then a close up of the bottom right.

And finally a close up of the skull and skellie.

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Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Bookends or Treasure Boxes


I painted the drawers I took out the top part of the cabinet.

I added patterned papers in the back and bottom.

Used texture paste on the outsides and top.

Then I decided to paint them both in purple metallic acrylic.

And I also did the tops.

I then filled them in with mini bits and pieces.

I added some tulle on the bottom and heated it to curl around the bases.

They can either be used for bookends of display ornaments.

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Cabinet of Horrors


I picked this jewellery cabinet up at the car boot last Sunday.

I painted it with black powertex and then took the door off and painted the inside.

Then I added some grit paste and covered the insides with Halloween patterned paper.

I created a shelf on the left hand side.

Then I decided to give it a coat of black paint with silver in it.

It looks quite good with the texture.

Close ups of the patterned papers in situ.

Then I filled the shelves with lots of tiny and mini horrors.

And from the side.

Then it stopped raining, so I took some photos outside.

From the left side.

From the right side.

Close up of the top left shelves.

Close up of the top right shelf.

And finally a close up of the bottom shelf.

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