Friday, 13 May 2022

Bailey - Willingham Woods


Bought him a harness to use in the car. He wasn't phased by it at all.

That brown colour on the right hand side is the pond!!

Bit of limbo-ing!

Tearing around again.

Ears up.

Ears down.

Ears up.

On the move again.

And back on the path and back to the car.

Thursday, 12 May 2022

Monday, 2 May 2022

Steampunk Kettle

Another car boot find painted in black gesso.

Then I started building it up with resin and metal steampunk embellishments.

Got to a point where I thought there was enough on there.

I moulded some of the pieces onto the kettle before they were completely dry and hardened. 

I painted it all black.

I used renaissance treasure gold to bring out the textures and hi-lights. 

A few close ups. Really pleased how it turned out.

Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Steampunk Clock


I picked up this clock from the car boot.

Martin took it apart for me and this is what he salvaged from the inside workings.

So we now just have the shell and the glass face.

I primed the case with black gesso.

Added some stencilling to the front.

I covered the outside casing with steampunk elements, resin and metal.

And the view from the top.

I was playing around with putting some more resin pieces on the front.

Next I was having a play with different sized cogs and gears and how I was going to display them on the inside.

I primed the metal and resin pieces.

Painted the cogs in a gold colour.

A close up of the inside.

The outside painted silver and then silver and a bit of gold wax.

And the other side.

And finally the finished article.

The back is just painted plain black.

Close up of the skull inside.

And another one.

Bottom corner.

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