Sunday, 13 June 2021

Boot Planter


This boot planter is in need of a makeover.

It looks a little worse for wear.

A view from the top where you put the plant in.

Gave everything a coat of ivory powertex.

Put it outside in the sun to dry.

Sprayed with brown / natural bister and heated with a hairdryer.

I also gave the bottom a coat as it was leaking!

Then I wiped some of the bister back.

I'm luckily enough to have red and black powertex, so I painted the ladybirds in it.

And I also have green and yellow.

Then I added copper wax to the eyelets and green to the leaves.

Close up of the bister.

Close up of the flower on the front.

Then I sprayed the piece with fixative to fix the bister before I gave it all a coat of varnish.

#rusteffects #powertex #upcyclingchallenge

Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Up-cycled Pen / Paintbrush Pots

Mine is the decaf one!

Added some masking tape to help the fabric stick.

Covered it in T-shirt fabric making as many ruffles as I could.

Then I added some resin and clay pieces.

Same for this one except I used flowers, butterflies, toadstools and leaves.

Made sure everything was totally covered in powertex and left to dry.

Coloured this one up with interference paints, treasure gold and alchemy waxes.

Added some paint brushes for the effect.

And for this one I used black paint with silver and silver treasure gold for the resin / clay pieces.

And I added pens to this pot, again just for the effect.

#rusteffects #powertex #upcyclingchallenge

Sunday, 6 June 2021

Up-cycled Angels


Apart from the head, these are totally up-cycled.  Piece of wood from the old gate, tubes from catering rolls of tinfoil, used tin foil, old wire coat hanger for the wings, old dishcloth, old t-shirt and scarf.

Covered the body with off cuts of an old t-shirt and painted the wings, all in bronze powertex.

Next I draped off cut of fabrics, lace and old scarves over each of the figures just to see how they would lay.

I then covered all the pieces in powertex and arranged them on the figures.

Coloured with silver and blue pigments.

And the back.

And on this one I just used the silver.

And again from the back.  

I just need to get a couple of pieces of slate now to mount them on.

#rusteffects #powertex #upcyclingchallenge

Saturday, 5 June 2021

Mounted Mini Torso


I created this mini torso from a mould using fast cast resin. 

I carefully placed some paper decoration over parts of the body with black powertex.  Once dry I dry brushed with silver.  Then using kitchen roll I mounted it on a piece of wood.

And finally I dry brushed the base in silver.

Friday, 4 June 2021

Up-cycled Maple Syrup Bottle


Used powertex again to stick and coat.

I kept this one simple and just used silver apart from the eye where I used blue to try and make it stand out.

And I dry brushed the back with silver as well.

#rusteffects #powertex #upcyclingchallenge

Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Up-cycled Tags


Our hoover gave up the ghost at the weekend so Martin went to Currys for another one.  I cut the packaging up and kept the three pieces above.

Coated them in black powertex.

Next I mixed some powertex sand into some soft gel medium and spread it onto the tags.

Once dry, I painted over them with powertex and then used metallic waxes to colour the edges and bring out the texture.

I cut up some squares from an old scarf.

Took them out in the garden and sprayed them with bisters.

Next I cut some squares from this ice-cream box.

I machine sewed the pieces of scarf to the cardboard for stability.

I powertexed some resin pieces.

Steampunk balloon tag.

Gothic style tag.

Skull and wings tag.

Tags created from up-cycled materials for the challenge.

#rusteffects #powertex #upcyclingchallenge

Monday, 31 May 2021

Monster Eye Key Chains


I cast some monster eyes from resin and a fab set of moulds.

Then I painted them.

I glazed the eyes, added a screw hook and attached a keychain.

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