Tuesday, 22 June 2021

T-light Holder

I picked up some t-lighters fairly cheap.

I created a rust effect on all 4 sides and on the top. 

Added resin shapes to each of the sides.

Coloured with silver paints.

I went over the silver with silver treasure gold.

And I decided it was way too shiny.

So I went over some of the silver with charcoal matte wax to dull it down a bit.


Monday, 21 June 2021

Decorated Vodka Bottles

Raspberry Vodka Bottles - great shape

Was quite please how this came out. I painted with powertex, then painted a couple of gold layers, then a coat of watered down pva gule, then a coat of black powertex and I use the hairdryer to crackle it.

Got some quite nice cracks showing the gold through.

Next I had a play around with some resin pieces, deciding where I wanted to place them.

Coloured the embellishments with shades of gold metallic paint and a blue one to make the key feature pop.

Close up of the back of the bottle.

I decided to use corrugated, beads and some lace on this bottle. 

I filled the gaps in with kitchen roll for added texture.

I added the lace and gave everything a coat of black powertex.

Close up of the decoration so far.

Once it was dry, I dry brushed with silver treasure gold.

And from the back.

#rusteffects #powertex #upcyclingchallenge

Sunday, 20 June 2021

Altered Prosecco Bottle


Forgot to take a photo of the empty bottle before I started.

Black powertex.

Two coats of berry metallic paint.

Close up of the fab pattern on the bottle.

I laid some resin pieces out on the bottle.

Painted them in black powertex and stuck them on.

Once fully dry I coloured them with metallic paints and used treasure gold over the top.

Close up of the decorated front.

#rusteffects #powertex #upcyclyingchallenge

Saturday, 19 June 2021

Decorated Shloer Red Grape Bottle

I forgot to take a photo of the empty bottle again!

I did this the same way I did the vodka bottle, to get the cracks except I used silver instead of gold this time.

Then I decorated the front and coloured it with metallics.

Altered Liqueur Bottle


I forgot to take a photo of the empty bottle.

Used black powertex and stuck the resin pieces on with it too.

I painted the bottle in zinc metallic paint and used silver treasure gold on the resin pieces.

And this is the back.

Friday, 18 June 2021

More Decorated Spirit Bottles

My work colleagues saved some bottles for me.

Painted them in the garden with a coat of black powertex and they dried really quickly outside.

I painted the bottles and added some resin pieces.

I added some textures using fibre paste, easy structure and sandballs mixed with gel.

Repainted over the textures.

Painted the resin pieces with acrylic paints and waxes.

And I painted over the easy structure flourishes with acrylic paint.

I painted over this one with gold paint and randomly added silver treasure gold.

And I used gold and silver on the resin pieces.

This one, I only used silver on the resin pieces.

And finally the gin bottle which I covered in powertex and then a coat of pewter metallic paint and then added the embellishments, coloured them with metallic paints and treasure gold.

And this is the other side, there is no right or wrong for the back or front. You can just turn it round when you get bored of one side.

Sunday, 13 June 2021

Boot Planter


This boot planter is in need of a makeover.

It looks a little worse for wear.

A view from the top where you put the plant in.

Gave everything a coat of ivory powertex.

Put it outside in the sun to dry.

Sprayed with brown / natural bister and heated with a hairdryer.

I also gave the bottom a coat as it was leaking!

Then I wiped some of the bister back.

I'm luckily enough to have red and black powertex, so I painted the ladybirds in it.

And I also have green and yellow.

Then I added copper wax to the eyelets and green to the leaves.

Close up of the bister.

Close up of the flower on the front.

Then I sprayed the piece with fixative to fix the bister before I gave it all a coat of varnish.

#rusteffects #powertex #upcyclingchallenge

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