Sunday, 20 January 2019

Gnome / Wizard

Gnomes seem to be the in thing at present, so I didn't want to get left behind. However, once he was finished, Martin said he looked like a wizard and needed a staff.

He was made from a mini Schweppes lemonade bottle (other brands are available), tinfoil, paper tape, fabrics and yarn. His beard is cut from a mophead and his nose is a polystyrene ball.

I wanted to show you this because I used the remainder of the blue Powertex from the bottle in the subscription box. By mixing it with varying degrees of white and black Powertex I was able to create different shades of blue.

Friday, 4 January 2019

January Powertex Box

"We wish you bluebirds in the spring to give your 
heart a song to sing" - Click here to see all the contents of my box

** Your box might not be exactly the same, but you will have similar items**

I cut a 6 cm polystyrene ball in half as I wanted to fatten the bird up and make him more 3d.

I stuck one on each side of the wooden bird shape. 

Next I arranged some sort of platform for everything to sit on. I used part of the cardboard from the box as the base.

I painted the mdf birdhouses with blueberry pie acrylic paint.

I started to compile pieces to make a tag using other items from the box.

So as not to cover up all the background paper, I traced round and cut out the shape.

I placed the mdf bird shape in the cut out background space and put the cut out piece back on top of the bird shape.

I dismantled one of the paper flowers as I wanted to use it to try to represent feathers.

Next step was to cover everything with Powertex. I used the blue from the box and some bronze that I already had to paint the branch top left. The bird is covered in t-shirt fabric and I used a couple of pieces of hessian to create wings. You can easily use the paper decoration for this too.

I just wanted to show you how far the Powertex goes. I covered all of the above pieces liberally and I've still got half the bottle left.

And this is how I assembled everything together and coloured it up with the blue curacao and golden olive Secret Art Loft pigments.

I think they look very fitting outside in the garden in the middle of the bush.

I used the golden olive pigment on the body of the bird and on the flower feathers. I painted the leaves on the wallpaper background with blueberry pie acrylic paint.

This actually looks better in real life as the colours are more defined, but unfortunately, my camera doesn't appear to be a fan of blue!

I hope this has given you a bit of inspiration. Don't forget to show us what you make with the contents of your box and don't be shy in uploading them to the Powertex Studio FaceBook page. For further inspiration, visit the free online Powertex magazine here

All Powertex, Secret Art Loft products and subscription boxes can be found here.

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