Thursday, 31 August 2017

Paper Slashed Art Journal Book

This is made in exactly the same as the fabric slashed book in the previous post, except it's made with newspaper and the lines are vertical as opposed to diagonal.

Inside front cover and first page.

Stamped images on some of the pages.

Some of the pages have been left blank but the sides have been edged in fabric.

The back page and the back cover.

Back cover of the book.

Front and back cover whilst book is laid out flat.

This is for sale on my FB page.

Slashed Fabric Book

For a change, we had a lovely three day bank holiday weekend. I actually spent most of it outside - crafting! I sprayed these newspapers with media misters and hung them on the line to dry.

I chose some fabric for the inside of my book and some images to collage. They have been sewn together.

This is the front of the book. Scraps of fabric were randomly placed on a piece of fabric which was then covered with a light peice of cotton fabric and diagonal lines sewn across. They are meant to be the same width apart, but as you can see, mine waivered off a bit.

This was the time consuming part, cutting between all the sewn lines without cutting into the bottom layer.

The next stage was to sew the inside cover to the outside cover.

This is the front with the inside cover sewn in.

I cut the excess away and trimmed the edges with the couching method and some jazzy wool.

Inside cover and first page.

Selection of the pages, some with stamped images, some with fabric and some left plain.

All the pages were painted in DecoArt multi surface satin paint.

All pages ready to be doodled and journalled on.

The back page and the inside back cover.

The back cover, slashed and trimmed.

The front and back of the book laid out flat.

This is for sale on my FB page.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

A Different Fabric Book

I decided to use two whole pieces to create the covers for this book but still used the same method and created a 'pillow', it was just a bigger one!

I chose some images to machine sew onto the front. Once sewn on I decided to add some hand stitching onto some of the pattern on the fabric. 

And this is the back cover done in exactly the same way.

Inside front cover and first page.

I decided to leave the pages inside as they were.

Added a couple of images to cover up some writing.

Last page and inside of the back cover.

I'm entering into the PaperArtsy challenge again with this one.

If you are interested, it's also for sale on my Facebook site.

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