Sunday, 19 September 2021

Blacksmithing - Sculptural Flowers for the Garden - Moved from 2020


So today I went on a 2 hr drive to High Burton nr Masham up in North Yorkshire.

It was very easy to find, even for me! So I was there much earlier than expected.

But the ladies, Sue & Gaynor, we very friendly and welcoming.

This is the guys getting the equipment out the back of the van.

Then the fun began when they filled the forges with coal and got the fires going.

This is Ade showing us what to do after he'd gone through the H&S. He made it look so easy!

And then we all got to have a play with the metal and the fires.

The flowers started off in flat metal and we had to use the tongs to put them into the fire and then hold the flower head over the anvil and then bashed the heated part with the hammer to create some texture.

The ladies had set the tables outside for us all to have lunch being as the sun came out.

Lunch was included and there was so much lovely food to choose from. The raspberry pavlova with ice-cream was amazing.

Due to the fact I couldn't get my camera out as my hands were all taped up due to the blisters I was getting, and also the fire and the heat, I didn't take any photos of what we were doing as it was a bit too dangerous as the metal got extremely hot.

A huge thank you to everyone involved and also to the other participants on the workshop. Ade & Andy were great fun and always on hand to help.  I had a fabulous chilled and relaxed day, even if I did gain a few blisters, but thanks to Andy the fab first aider for sorting them out and to Gaynor for organising and the initial greeting and Sue for the supply of drinks and the lovely food.

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