Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Queen of Steam and Cogs Plaque


I made lots of pieces using the moulds and resin.

I painted a substrate and tried to get it to look like it was patina'd.  Then arranged some of the pieces onto it.

I had to do this one slightly different as I didn't want to add any more colour to the background, so I painted the individual elements with black gesso and then using the waxes, I coloured them.

And here is my finished piece which I am really pleased with.

Sunday, 28 March 2021

Finnabair On-line Workshop


As I didn't have any appropriate tissue papers, I made my own in prep for the class.

Saturday afternoon, all set up and ready to go.

And here we are, live with Anna.

I've just added crackle paste to the edges here.

And moving on to the next step. Keeping up with Anna.

Once everything was dry it was the building up of the elements.

Once I was happy I stuck everything down and then that's where I stopped for the evening as I wanted to wait until it was all properly dry.  So this morning I gave everything a coat of white gesso.

Then I painted both pieces using shades of blue, grey and black, trying to add shadows, but I never have been any good at that!

Once the paint was dry I moved onto the waxes.

And lastly, added a bit of bling.

Close up of the front cover.

And close up of the back cover.

Really good on-line class, well paced and easy to keep up.

Friday, 26 March 2021

Gothic Plaque

I used black modelling paste through my new AS stencil.

After I'd painted the background with black powertex I laid some elements onto the substrate.

Painted everything with black powertex.

Then using my new colours of Alchemy wax, I coloured the whole piece.

I just need some more colours now.

Thursday, 25 March 2021

Altered Photo Frame


I decorated an old photo frame with fibre paste and tar gel, once dry I painted with black pearl acrylic paint.  For the inside I embossed a couple of pieces of silver foil tape, covered in black gesso and wiped back.

I used gilding paste and metalic flakes on the embellishments and I coloured the skull with liquid acrylics.  The words are T!m Holtz chipboard quotes.

Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Green man (my version)

I recently bought an mdf woodland mask and used it in a totally different way to what it was meant for.

I used a stencil with black modelling paste for the bottom half and matte medium and powertex small balls to add texture to the top half.

Next I played with some  resin, metal, wooden and clay embellishments and placed them until I was happy with the layout.

Then powertexed everything down in black.

Then used various shades of greens in acrylics, pigments and waxes to colour.

My version of the green man in the greenery of the garden.

Monday, 22 March 2021

Altered Maple Syrup Bottle


Exactly the same process as the other two.

All stuck on with black powertex.

Loving those roses on the sides.

Close up of the front.

And the finished bottle.

Saturday, 20 March 2021

Altered Gin Bottle


Firstly I covered the bottle in black powertex.  Then I arranged some of the resin shapes until I liked what I had.

I used black modelling paste through a stencil.

I used a different stencil on each of the sides.

Once I was happy with the layout I powertexed everything down and let it dry.

Then I coloured it with a mix of pigments, waxes and treasure gold.

The right side with the stencilling high-lighted.

High-lighted the back stencilling.

And the same with the stencilling with other side.

And the finished bottle.

Altered Bottle


Using some more of the new Finnabair moulds I created the frame out of clay because I wanted to mould it to the shape of the bottle and you can't do this with the liquid resin.

I built up some of the elements to roughly how I wanted them to sit.

Then I glued everything down and painted it all with black powertex.

I painted the bottle with pewter acrylic paint and used treasure gold, waxes and pigments to colour the embellishments.

View of the right side.

Close up of the front with all the stacked embellishments.

And the finished piece.  Think I just need a red rose to stick in the top.

Sunday, 7 March 2021

Paint Brushes with a Difference


Used some more fast cast resin in the moulds.

Painted the brushes in black powertex.

Added some texture to the top and the handles.

Then I started to play around with the embellishments.

Used powertex to stick them down and also used black gesso.

Once they were dry, I coloured them up.

I decided to go a bit rustic with this one.

This one looked a bit angelic so went for a more subtle colour scheme.

And kept this one simple with a few different shades of gold.

Really enjoyed playing with these, thanks for looking.

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