Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Powertex Plaque

I used up some of my leftover powertex on this heart.

The faces are painted with indigo treasure gold to give a shimmer.

Silver treasure gold was brushed over the fabric pieces.

Ivory Statue for my Sister

From the back, all in ivory powertex, t-shirt and cotton scrim.

From the front. As the lace started off pink, the ivory isn't dark enough to cover it, so it's ended up staying pink unfortunately.

And now some photos taken outside in daylight.

I think this is more what my sister would of had in mind, hence the reason I went back and did her another one.

Monday, 28 December 2015

Construction of a Gingerbread House

A while ago mum bought me a gingerbread house, so today was construction day.

All the contents of the box apart from the jelly tots.

Gluhwein on the go.

Cement going on the walls. Gluhwein poured!

Construction taking place and left to set.

And finally the decoration.

And the snow.

B&W Flip Flap Journal

I made this for a Christmas gift way back in October but absolutely loved putting it all together.

I created all the backing papers myself and printed them off.

I decided to leave a black border on all the pages. 

Panels were cut into 5.5" square and 2.5" x 5.5" pieces.

I picked out some images and built up the pages, also using magazine images.

I added tissue tape to some of the pages, used portfolio pastels, pencils and pens to shade and doodle.

I also stamped some shapes in Decoart everlasting chalky paint.

This is an aerial view with all the pages covered apart from the middle one on the back which needs to be blank as that is the one you stick onto the cover.

And I did umm and arrr but finally I added some words!!

Not to all the pages, but enough!!

And the finished piece. You can see where the cover has been added to the middle panel and you can see the two front flaps (the stripey ones at the back).

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Ivory Sculpture, with Hair!!

This is the basics of the sculpture with ivory powertex. I decided to try and add some hair to this one.

Once dry, I moved onto the next layers of colours. The lace bodice and hat are ivory with a hint of bronze and the shawl and strip round the hat is bronze with a hint of ivory for some contrast.

This is from the back. I love how the hair came out.

And finally I added some treasure gold, I used oxynite and then renaissance to enhance the textures.

And from the back where I think you can see more of the treasure gold.

Hopefully the sun'll be out again tomorrow so I'll get some out in the garden shots. 

*** Edited - some daylight photos ***

And she's not going to my sisters now either.

Mini Leather Eye Books

I came across this video showing how to create these fab books which I totally fell in love with, so I just had to make some.

I glazed the eye over on this one using DA liquid glass.

Eyes were painted with DA multi surface satin for the colour and media acrylic for the carbon black and titanium white whilst the blue was still wet. Also added a metal corner.

I gave them all a coat of DA media satin varnish once they were finished. This one was my fave so have kept it for myself.

And these are the backs. I gave two of them closures, one which is stuck down and the other you can take the band off so the book opens and the other three I left open.

Products used were by DecoArt.

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Pen / Brush Pot

A while ago I decorated a ceramic plate and Lesley asked if she could have a matching mug, and although I do have a mug, I decided to make her one using a fancy pot because they are not safe to drink out of as they've not been thrown back in the kiln and glazed. So again, I painted the pot in deep scarlet from the DecoArt multi surface satin range.

So to add the splats, I turned it upside down, covered the bottom and literally threw the black carbon acrylic from the media range at it.

I also used a pallet knife to create some of the lines.

And finally I gave it a couple of coats of DecoArt satin varnish.

I think it looks a bit oriental, I hope she likes it and will use it for her pens and/or brushes.

All products used are from the DecoArt range.

Fabric Canvas

This is a christmas present I made for Emma as she's loving fabric at the moment. It's basically a tea bag fold structure using pieces of fabric on a 5" x 7" canvas board.

And I was so pleased how neat the back came out, that I just had to show you.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Now She's Finished

Yesterday I did think this was finished, but after the shawl had dried properly I felt it needed toning down a tad, so I added oxynite and renaissance treasure gold, and this morning the sun was out so I took the opportunity to take some more photos which now show the true colours.

Love how the ruffles have formed and the pigment and treasure gold have really enhance them.

Close up of the ruffled fabric.

And from the left hand side.

And finally from the front. She is now sat on my window sill in the dining room.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Finally Finished

I've finally got round to adding some colour to my second attempt at a sculpture. I used yellow ochre and gloss varnish and ruby treasure gold.

This is the back where I think you can pick up the colour a little more.

I needed to add a little something around the shoulders to cover up the last layer of fabric. I've recently purchased a bottle of the red powertex, as I wanted a contrast.

Coloured a piece of cotton scrim in the red and draped it around the shoulders.

Now the back is total covered and looks fab.

And here she is, finally finished. She's in the airing cupboard drying at present.

Sorry the photos aren't much good but it's raining, dull and gloomy, so I had to have the light on which is why they look yellowy.

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