Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Powertex Figure with Hat


I used an empty 250ml plastic Colgate mouthwash bottle for the body. As it's plastic I covered it in masking tape first, gave that a coat of bronze powertex and then wrapped it in powertexed t-shirt fabric.

Next I started on the skirt using pieces of t-shirt fabric.

I used paper decoration for the top half of the body and also used a piece of thick cotton lace to give her a scarf.  Then I set about making her a hat.

Next I need to sort her face out.

And a view from the back.

So I powertexed her face white, gave her a bit of face paint and some hair.  Coloured the fabrics with a variety of blues until I was happy with the colour combo.

And this is the view from the back.

And the left side.

And the right side, with her ear-ring.

And this is the bottom of the plastic Colgate bottle.

Saturday, 26 September 2020

Another Mini Mannequin


I was asked by a friend if I could make her a red one.  So here it is.  Made exactly the same as the others.

Friday, 25 September 2020

Green man Plaque - Autumn


I've wanted to make a greenman plaque for ages.  I missed out on a workshop a while ago and then the next one was on a week day, so I couldn't go again.  Anyway, then I remembered that a friend at the time, had bought me a powertex green man plaster piece for my birthday, so I went and dug it out.  I also went to another friends house last Saturday to pick up some bits and bobs she'd saved for me, including some jewellery and dried fir cone bottoms.  From all of this stash I came up with the above arrangement.

I then laid it all out and gave it a coat of bronze powertex and allowed it to dry.

Then I had a wander down to the post office and came across a tree which was shedding its acorns and caps, so I picked a few up on the way back and added them to my piece.

Then once everything was completely dry I got the pigments out and started to colour everything up.  

Apparently there are four seasons to the green man set and this one is my version of autumn.  I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Sumo Geisha Figure


Martin made me a two pronged wooden base and I started to create my figure with a polystyrene ball for the body, tinfoil, bubble wrap and masking tape.

The head and hands are Powertex plaster pieces.  I then created the legs and roughly decided where I wanted the top and bottom colour to meet.

I mixed yellow powertex with 3d flex to make a clay and then covered the bottom part of the figure.  I didn't make enough to do the legs as well, so I left them for now.

I also stamped into the clay and left it outside in the sun to dry and crack.

I made up some more yellow and covered the legs, then made some red.  This time I made far too much red, so ended up giving her a red hat too.  But I cling filmed the neck to keep it clean.

Close up of the red crackle and the stamping.

Drying and cracking out in the sun again.  Martin came home and told me it looked like Ronald McDonald!!!

So using pigments and powerwax I changed the colours.

I also painted her nails.

And her face, and gave her some hair.

Close up of the back with the blue over the red.

And the bottom is more of a blend as I added orange to the yellow.

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Nefertiti Figure

It's been ages and ages since I made a powertex figure, so I decided to have a go to see if I could still do it.  Something a little bit different though. 

I did this one slightly different, as I added pigment to the powertex just after I'd added the fabrics, so it was still very wet when I applied it. Used a very small brush to paint the details in rich gold pigment and varnish.

Slightly turned to the right.

Slightly turned to the left.

And finally from the front.

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Powertex Hardware Skull


Prepping the skull with hardware.

Martin made me the base, I painted it in black gesso and covered the spiders web placemat in black powertex and stuck it to the base.

Next I painted the whole of the skull in black powertex and let it dry.

Then once totally dry, I coloured it in interference violet, green, gold, blue, indigo and turquoise. 

Unfortunately it's really hard to get a good photo of the colours. 

This is it with the tealight lit.

And from the side.

More Mini Mannequins


Martin made me some bases from the old wooden gate and unused chopsticks.  I painted them black and then used black powertex and paper decoration to create the above on the polystyrene mannequins.

And for this one I got my red pigments out.

And for this one I got the blue pigments out.

And here they are both together.  These are going to be family Christmas presents.

Sunday, 6 September 2020

Recycled Bases


Martin has built a new garden gate and today he was chopping the old one up.  He made these bases for me from a couple of pieces of the gate and chopsticks. I painted them over with black gesso.  Much cheaper than the £7.99 metal powertex ones!

Mini Mannequin Powertex Workshop

Yesterday I had a lovely afternoon at Purple Meadows Crafts taking part in a powertex workshop.  They have just moved and their new place has soooo much space, the shop layout is fabulous.  

These are three of the pieces that were made, no prizes for guessing which one is mine!

And here it is in daylight this morning.

And from the back.

And the left side.

And finally the right side.

Close up of the fabrics and dry brushing.

And I picked these up from the fabric shop just further on down the road.

It felt good to get my hands back into some powertex products.

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