Saturday, 31 January 2015

A Crackling in Paris

I painted an mdf plaque with new life chalky paint by DecoArt

Covered it in weathered wood and once dry gave it a coat of primitive from the same range.

And just look at the fab cracks, I haven't created cracks like this for ages.

Another close up of the fantastic cracks with the green showing through.

And this isn't what I had planned but I couldn't bare to cover too much up so I added some stamped and embossed die cuts which Lin very kindly sent to me recently.

I may try another one soon and do what I originally intended to do with it - hehehe!!

All mediums are by DecoArt.

Rustic Elements

Preped some chipboard die cuts using gesso, texture sand paste and matte medium.

Then I chose some pieces to add to my base of foam board, masking tape, cotton scrim and gesso. 

I painted some of the pieces with paynes grey.

Sprayed the foam board with turquoise shimmer media mister and added transparent yellow iron oxide media paint.

And this is the finished piece which eventually took on a blue / green tone.

A few close ups, bottom left hand corner.

The silver washers painted in gesso, paynes grey and quinacridone gold.

The lock and key made to look like rust.

And the top left corner, more rust effects and the cotton scrim through the foam board.

Cotton scrim under the frameworks die painted in ultramarine media paint.

Then I decided to add the PA words as I felt it needed a little something else at the top. When I looked back at my original layout, I forgot the heart at the top!

All products ie paints, misters and mediums are from the DecoArt media range.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Tick Tock

PA have a challenge theme of shiny stuff which you can see here. So I blinged up an MDF wooden tag using gems, metal, metallic lustre and metal embellishments.

I stencilled some white modelling paste through the TH honeycomb stencil and pounced some up the sides using the back of the spatula. Once dry I applied a coat of white gesso and then coloured with green gold media paint and went over the textured areas with phthalo green-blue.

Close up of the coloured texture.

I added brilliant turquoise metallic lustre over the texture for more bling.

I added metallic cog and clock embellishments and a tag and safety pin.

I switched the hat on the LP image with a clock and cog related one from Choc Baroque and coloured it with metallic silver and gold.

And finally I added a strip of fancy metal which I picked up last year at Version Scrap and added some gold coloured gemstones.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Tag & Atc Swap

A few of us have got together to do a tag and atc swap, 2 of each and the theme was faces. I cut the pieces from heavy weight white card and randomly added colours from the media paint range. I took titan buff, napthol red and dioxazine purple and stencilled with them. I stamped some script in black versa fine.

Emma very kindly bought me the Dina Wakley set of ladies faces called All the Gals, so I decided to use them for this project.

I stamped the images onto white paper, cut them out and coloured them with gelatos. Once glued on, I outlined them in black smudgy black pencil and blended it in.

And edged in black pen and added fibres. I had to add the word to the right one as the pen slipped!

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Altered Box Frame

I gave the wooden box a coat of gesso.

Randomly spread modelling paste around the outside edges and over the cross in the middle.

I mixed some texture sand paste with matte medium and coated the curved edges.

Once dry, I painted everything in paynes grey media paint.

The whole box was the painted with patina antiquing cream and then was rubbed back. A coat of matte medium was applied and allowed to dry. The outside flat edges were painted with white antiquing cream, and rubbed back and again a coat of matte medium was applied. Once dried everything was painted with watered down quinacridone gold.

Close up of the outside of the box.

I painted the inside of each little box in cobalt teal hue media paint.

Added pieces of script tissue paper and adhered with matte medium.

Painted the inside boxes with quinacridone burnt orange and then transparent yellow iron oxide.

Love how it turned out, just need to find something to put in it now.

All products are from DecoArt Media range.

Thursday, 22 January 2015


Background is media paints and easy float. Black modelling paste put through a stencil for the image (love that stuff).

Used the carbon black mister spray to flick onto the background.

Stampotique letters are stamped in black versa fine and outlined in white posca pen.

White shimmer media mister was splashed onto the stencilled image and outlined in white posca pen.

Products by DecoArt black modelling paste, media paints, easy float, media misters.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Aquarius Star Sign

I look a 4" x 6" canvas board, gave it a coat of white gesso and masked half of it off diagonally.  I painted the top half in metallic silver and once thoroughly dried masked that off and painted the bottom in a mix of ultramarine blue and cerulean blue.

Then after a bit of research on Google, I found that I had relevant stencils to loosely replicate the Aquarius star sign and one of the traits is that they are born to teach, so I got my idea-ology letters and set about spelling it out.

All products are from the Decoart media range - gesso, media paints, black modelling paste.  If you pop over to Deb's site and join in with this months star sign, you could be in with a chance to win some Decoarts products - get over there and good luck.

Monday, 19 January 2015


I used a few die cuts on this piece. The background is corrugate cardboard sprayed with carbon black media mister. The TH framework die is coloured in black modelling paste, the background square of chipboard was painted with a mix of white crackle paint and textured sand paste, one dry, painted in paynes grey. Skull, washers and cog painted to look like rust. The clock die and banner were tinted with onyxite treasure gold directly onto the chipboard.

Clear crackle paste was applied to the clay heart and then coated in black anqituing cream and wiped back, love how it highlighted the fab cracks.

All media products used from the DecoArt range. Waiting for some metallic lustres to arrive, can't wait to compare them to the treasure gold products.

Sorry about the photos but we've had varieties of weather today but not much sun!!!

Sunday, 18 January 2015


I took a square of corrugated and pulled most of the top layer off, then gave it a spritz with the carbon black media mister. I added the skull and wings die cuts which I'd coloured with silver media paint.

Painted some little nails to look rusty and added black eyes to the skull.

Rusted the charm, washers and clock hands using texture sand paste and quinacridone gold.

Think I might go back in and outline the idea-ology word with a black smudgy pencil.

All products are from the Deocart media range.


Lin and Kirsten kindly sent me a plastic skull, both different sizes. Using mold-n-pour I made moulds from them.

So after I'd revived my clay, I made some copies and also used a cookie cutter to cut out the hearts.

The background was created on a piece of chipboard by firstly painting it in white gesso, followed by a layer of white crackle paint, once dry the layers were built up using black paint, a layer of ultra matte medium and then another layer of black paint and finally dry brushed with white gesso. 

The heart was painted with gesso, cracked with crackle glaze and black antiquing cream applied. The washers were rusted with quinacridone gold.

I added a strip of metal which I got at last years Version Scrap show, coloured the skulls and added gems for the eyes.

All media products used are from DecoArt.

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