Thursday, 30 November 2017

Rhufus the Pooch

All set up ready to play.

Some basic shapes needle felted from toy stuffing. 

The gorgeous wool batts from World of Wool.

Can you tell what it is yet??? Using this fantastic tutorial from Kay at Felt Alive, I got to this stage on Tuesday.

I was meant to be doing something else today but being as it snowed most of the day I stayed in instead......

And decided to make a start on the head.

I also gave him some eyebrows and a tongue. 

And then some ears and some markings.

Next I attached his head to his body.

And was very happy that he was able to stand up and wag his tail.

And look out of the window at the snow. 

Fraz was laid on the other end of the settee so he was looking at him!

And finally looking into the kitchen!!

I'm really please with how he turned out for my first 'proper' effort at needle felting, thanks Kay xx

Saturday, 25 November 2017


On a FB group that I'm in we are having an inchies challenge. The idea is that everyone makes seven inchies, sends them to the person organising it. She puts them all on a board to display them. Everyone who contributed gets their name put into the draw and the name drawn out wins the board.

And yes I know there are nine above, but one rule was they all had to be different colours and I did two blue ones and the white one very top right is just there as a reference to the tile below it.

Friday, 24 November 2017

Knit & Stitch Show - Harrogate

Thank you to Colourcraft for my winning complimentary ticket into the Knit & Stitch Show, it came in very useful. I did drop by the stall a couple of times to say thanks but it was sooooo busy and they were helping customers, so didn't get to speak to them.

This was the stand that sold Wensleydale raw fleece. They also had some wool already spun and dyed and some dyed locks.

Lovely detailed textile pieces which include lots of fabric and stitching.

More images from the same stall. 

One of the aisles in hall A, still pretty busy and buzzing.

And Kim on the Vlieseline stall. I did try to say hi, but she was busy talking.

And a few photos of the aisles.

This was a spinning stall and there was a lady demonstrating on a wooden spinning wheel. They sold items for spinning and felting so I bought a couple of bits from them.

A close up of the items on the Spin City stand. 

This was the artists in action section.

I didn't actually see what any of them were doing, as everyone was chatting.

This is the Oliver Twist stand where I bumped into Robyn, the lady who taught the needle felting santa workshop at Lincolnshire Show Ground a couple of weeks ago!

The orange display board at Oliver Twists.

There were tubs full of mullbery silk and other things. It was 18p a gram which was kind of nice, as you could mix and match both colours and materials, so I got some.

Another felting stand, but this was more kits and a few bags of colours of merino tops.

The Art Van Go stand was as busy as ever.

Then lastly a couple of the displays near the main entrance. 

And this is all I bought. I went with the intention of buying much more, but dyed batts seem to be very hard to get hold of so will probably end up having to do some internet shopping.

These were caps (which I think are the same as hankies) and the 18p per gram mix from Oliver Twists.

These were from the Spin City stand.

On the left is a piece of pre-felt out the bargain bin and on the right is the only batted corriedale wool I found, but they only had it in this grey colour.

Three small pieces of velvet. I've been after some pieces of velvet for a while, but not managed to find any.

Spaced dyed cotton scrim from 21st century yarns.

All this came out of that little bag!

And that was my day out.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

A Little Thank You

If you recall, Pat very kindly sent me some of her Merino wool tops and she has also made purchases from my Etsy shop, so I wanted to make her a little thank you gift. She told me she uses notebooks and loves to make lists.

This one is A5 size and has the same pattern on the insides and back of the book.

These are some of the inside pages.

This is another sized A5 with gelli print papers on the front and back.

Some of the inside pages.

Back inside cover, another gelli print but on deli paper.

And this one is rougly 4" x 4.5" and it's covered in a gelli print onto deli paper.

This is the inside of the cover and first page.

And the back, or it could be the front!!

I  hope she likes them, and above all I hope she uses them.

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