Saturday, 19 January 2013

Frazzle Chillin' Out

Fraz chillin' on the settee

Then he heard the camera click, looked up and opened an eye!!!

Then he sat up to find out what he was missing!!!


Alison said...

Fraz...Fraz....I'm here! Lol! xxx

Samantha Read said...

OMG so sweet, say sausages! xx

Sue said...

He's a coiled spring isn't he Sam lol x

Marianne said...

Hehehe, what a clown!! I think these beardies are all the same. Mylo is relaxing a lot like that too :-) And when we take a camera, he's up and gone before we can capture the moment. Nice pictures Sam. Thanks for sharing.

Buttons said...

Now that's what I call relaxed Frazzle!!! Need to capture Sky in her 'bottom of the stairs (not so) elegant lady pose' too. You may well have started something here Sam! Hugs to Frazzle, Jenny x

Burnice said...

brilliant !

Ann said...

Awww - fantastic Sam, love to see the doggies chilling :D
Cheers for sharing & thanks for your comments on my blog too!!
Ann xx

fairy thoughts said...

that is one chilled hairy dog..... fab

chrissies said...

It's a hard life isn't it Sam lol. He is still gorgeous though.

Love Chrissie xx

Chris said...

Love your photos, Sam, even though he's so scary and loud! :o) xx

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