Saturday, 14 February 2015

Luggage Labels

Over at the PA blog this weeks challenge is 'paint', yep that's it just paint. We go on holiday on Thursday and have just got all the ski gear out the loft and we needed some luggage labels. I randomly brayered various bright colours of fresco paints onto a piece of thickish white card, added marks in snowflake and little black dress. Once dry, cut them into tag shapes, put a hole in the top and added some string.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Have a Heart

I wanted to play with my new colours of chalky finish DecoArt paint. After a coat of gesso I painted the mdf wooden heart shape with a couple of layers of lace. Then patiently waited whilst a coat of weathered wood dried and applied a coat of romance on the top to create this fantastic crackle.

Once dried I used my finger to edge with carbon black chalky paint.

Close up of the fab crackle.

I also got some new to me stencils. I didn't realise how huge they were!!

I used black media DecoArt modelling paste through the French Script one. (Love this stuff, but you probably already know that!!)

I went back in with black to define the edges more and then when dry added a couple of coats of DecoArt media satin varnish.

And finally I added some hemp and some beads.

And the sun came out.

All products are from DecoArt.

PanPastel Uk have a theme of love is in the air.
Stampotique have a theme of it's all love and hearts.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Cogs n Clocks

Am loving playing with the DecoArts products to create rust effects, die cuts, skulls, hearts, cogs and the like. Coloured the clock in orange flicker and black shimmer metallic lustre. Corrugated background was spritzed with black media mister, chipboard a mix of gesso, textured sand paste, modelling paste black and white for contrast. Had great fun pulling it all together.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Orange Tag & D

The theme over at TIO - Dragons Dream is orange and a letter of choice, so I set to work with my background. After using the DecoArt white tint base, I covered the tag with orange pan pastel, sprayed on some orange media mister, sponged chalky heritage paint through an alphabet stencil and two shades of orange DecoArt media paint through a stencil.  I mixed one of the shades with white modelling paste and stamped into it.

Close up of the DecoArt coloured modelling paste with the stamping after it had been put through the circles stencil.

Stamped one of my favourite stamps on the tag and outlined her in white posca pen. I'd of loved to have used one of the new silhouette stamps from Dina's new range, but haven't got round to buying it yet!!  I added the D for diva myself, as Martin was taking my laptop apart and I couldn't get to my alphabet stamps.

I went round the textured circles with my black smudgy pencil and then smudged them to bring out the texture of the stamping into the modelling paste.

Close up of the white posca pen markings.

All paints and mediums are from the DecoArt range.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Green Eyed Monster

Over at Stampotique this week, Sue has chosen a theme of oranges and lemons - citrus colours. I coloured the tag with heritage chalky finish DecoArt paint. I randomly applied hair wax to the tag and painted over all of it with new life chalky paint. Once completely dry, I wiped back to reveal the orange underneath, a bit like a peeled paint technique. I stamped the background with 3 Stampotique stamps. Stamped the monster onto a separate piece of paper, coloured it with hansa yellow media paint, cut it out and glued it on. Coloured the eyes green and the horn things orange. The quote is also Stampotique and was coloured with yellow gelato, cut up and outlined in black posca pen. Fibres added to finish.

All the paints are from the DecoArt range.

Crackin' Canvas

I took a canvas board and sprayed it with yellow shimmer mister, let it semi dry and then sprayed violet shimmer mister over the top and let it drip. Using a couple of stencilling and white modelling paste I created the images.

Once dry I spooned clear crackle paste over the top, as it's self levelling it doesn't matter where you put it or if you don't get it even.

And I did the same for the letters. This is what it came out like after leaving overnight to dry.

I was going to spray the letters with the purple mister, but instead of the product coming out of the hole in the side it leaked all out of the lid, which actually was a happy accident, as I unscrewed the top and used the pipe on the end to drip the product onto the letters. This way it didn't go everywhere but just on the letters. I let it soak into the cracks and then wiped away.

I did exactly the same with the heart but used the red mister spray. I also outlined it with the black smudgy pencil.

Close up of the purple after it'd seeped through the crackle paste. I outlined some parts of the letters in white pencil.

And finally I outlined these shapes in black posca pen and painted orange flicker metallic lustre directly over the modelling paste.

All media products are from DecoArt.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Orange Blossom

Backing piece, corrugated cardboard sprayed with orange media mister and touched up with French Roast Fresco paint (as I don't have a brown in the media range). Cotton scrim coloued with watered down quinacridone burnt orange. MDF plaque from a previous post laced with various die cut and metal pieces given the rust treatment.

Close up of the rusted nails and fab cracks.

All paints, mediums and mister sprays from DecoArt except the PA fresco, French Roast.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Fly, Fly Away

Using DecoArt heritage chalky paint and weathered wood I crackled the mdf plaque. Once dry I stencilled through the diamonds with white crackle paste. I mixed up chestnut brown primary elements, satin varnish and water to create some drips and as you can see it ran down the wood. I also gave it a spritz of orange media mister.

Close up of the dried white crackle paste with the primary elements running through them.

And the other end where I spritzed with the orange mister.

I rubbed some DecoArt metallic lustre in champagne ice over the textured areas.

And over the spritzed orange too.

I stamped some of the raindrops by Ryn designs in black stazon, flicked some white shimmer media spray onto the background and added pen marks with white posca pen at the top of the rain drops.

Close up of the stamping, the white pen marks and metallic lustre.

And here the white splatters of media spray paint. I need the iced espresso metallic lustre to make the diamonds darker!

I stamped a large butterfly in black stazon onto a piece of gelli print paper and cut it out. I added some white pen over the really dark blue.

I doubled up on the idea-ology spinners and a brad for the body.

I cracked open the burnt sienna and raw umber DecoArt media paints to paint the wooden letters after a coat of gesso. Gold and silver were added for a bit of contrast.

Wrapped copper and silver coloured wire around each letter.

Decided it needed more contrast so edged in carbon black media paint.

Finally I added the letters and the butterfly to the background and I've used some liquid glass to accentuate random rain drops and hi-lighted the top edges in champagne ice metallic lustre.

PaperArtsy have a theme of Shiny Stuff this week
Country View Crafts have a theme of drips and drops

All products are from DecoArt unless otherwise stated.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Notebooks - Unzipped

Before we start, I need to tell you this is a very long post - mostly pictures - So, let's get on with it then. I bought some of these A6 notebooks from the Range as it's just opened in our town.

Gave the backs a thin coat of white DecoArt media modelling paste and stamped into it.

Close up some the stamping.

And another one.

Once thoroughly dry (I left them over night), I gave them all a coat of paynes grey media paint.

Close up after the layer of paint had been applied.

And another of the back covers.

I added stenciling and modeling paste onto this cover and painted with DecoArts Americana chalky paint, the colour is treasure.

I added script tissue paper to this cover and painted the triangle with transparent yellow iron oxide.

More stencilling with modelling paste and white crackle paint, texture sand paste was added and coloured with a wash of quinacridone violet.

I edged this cover in DecoArt black gesso. I love this stuff, it's one of my fave products of the range.

Emma kindly sent me some micro beads in a variety of colours, so I covered the triangle with a thick layer of DecoArt liquid glass and sprinkled four colours of beads in and left it over night to dry. It will dry clear.

I added some spellbinder cogs and the zipper die from Die-Namics which I had to order from the states. Using the chalky paints I painted everything, colours are rustic, and timeless, the silver is from the DecoArt media paint range.

I tore up some tissue paper and applied it over the stencilling using a wash of ultra media matte varnish and water, it makes a great glue!! Once dry gave it a washed out coat of cobalt teal media paint and the zip is phthalo blue and the silver again.

These are the five that I ended up with.

In more detail. The heart is stencilled in white crackle paint and coloured with red gelato. Spell binders cogs and the zipper die added. Cover given several coats of soft touch varnish for a soft spongy finish.

Dry brushed the cover with white gesso and also used silver metallic lustre. As you can see, the liquid glass has dried clear just leaving the micro beads visible. 

I rubbed champagne ice metallic lustre over the front cover to bring out the stencilled parts.

Modelling paste was used on the bottom of this cover and then silver spark metallic lustre was applied over the top. The background tissue paper is coloured with watered down quinacridone burnt orange and the zip in heritage chalky matte paint. Texture sand paste was applied in the triangle and swooshed over with the silver lustre. 

All the covers have been given a few coats of the soft varnish. The zip was painted with rustic chalky finish paint.

These are the metallic lustres, they are really soft and creamy and extremely easy to apply to any textured surface. There is only one problem with it, because it is so shiny, it's really hard to photograph!

These are the back covers of all the books.

For this one I firstly used the black shimmer, let it dry, which doesn't take long, then added some silver spark.

This is a close up. Hope you can get an idea of the shimmer.

And this one is the black shimmer and then the orange flicker.

It probably looks gold, but in real life, it really is orange!!!

DecoArts products were used on these projects.

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