Monday, 26 October 2015

More Birthday Gifts

When I arrived home I'd got a birthday card from Hazel H and Julie Ann and the bottom on is from Lin, she brought it with her.

And more presents, these are from Lin. This book is fabulous, and she got the charms at the Art Store in Glasgow on the Friday and we went back on Saturday as I'd missed out and she got me the sepia outliner pens and the graphite pencil which I've been after for a while - thanks Lin.

And Helen had brought the chipboard pieces with her and at the show bought me the bronze powertex and the ceramic face to use with it - thanks Helen.

And this is what I bought with my birthday money, beads, bead caps, charms and waxed thread.

Rice paper, pallet knives, mini bottles, fibres and powertex ceramic skulls and gates.

Wooden mini cotton reels, mini cogs, leaves and a mini box, metal buttons, sticky tape on a dispenser, ribbon on a roll, a fab wooden face stamp and a piece of leather off cut.

And finally got smitten with the powertex and the 3d flex which there is a story too, to find out what it was, pop over to Helens blog.

I also have the industrial set of Andy Skinner chipboard on order and I need to go to our local haberdashery shop to pick up some 'stuff' to use with the powertex and then I'll of spent up!!

Saturday, 24 October 2015

SECC Show - Glasgow

After my epic 8.5 hr and 4 changes train journey, I finally made it to Glasgow to meet up with the girls. Here we are in Wetherspoons having a crafty cocktail pitcher before our meal arrived.

After a quick trip to Cass Art and the Art Shop, as I missed out last night, we arrived at the SECC for the show.

And just to prove we were all there.

And Lin grabbed the camera and took one of me, so you know I was there too!

The sign where you get your hand stamped to get out.

One of the isles.

Lin and Helen at one of the stands.

Another view of the isles.

Lin with her huge pair of knitting needles.

Lin and Em shopping.

Then we had a bit of a break to watch a guy doing a mixed  media demo with the Pebeo range of products.

Then we bumped into Rob from the MDF man.

Then we went to the cafe area where there was a huge tree made from knitted socks with an angel on top.

Then look, any opportunity for a twitter moment, they were all trying to get on line but the wifi was a bit rubbish.

Then after a cuppa, biscuit and sit down, we left and this was the view from the outside.

Lin, Emma and Helen with their purchases. Then we got the train back to the hotel.

This is what Lin got for me for my birthday, she brought the book and I picked up the graphite pencil and the pens today fro the Art shop.

And we were all fascinated by the PowerTex demo, but we weren't allowed to take any photos, so Helen kindly bought me the bronze version, a molded clay type face and she brought the chipboard pieces with her - thank you. 

Then these are my purchases of the day

These are Emma's purchases of the day, she also has a bottle of ivory Powertex but it's just out of view on the right.

Emma was unraveling her ribbons to share out whilst all this was going on.

And these are Helen's purchases, YES Helen's, she was very reserved today!!!

And these are Lin's purchases, who by they way, wasn't getting anything!! But she did get the bargain of the day, a PA stamp for 50p.

Right, that's it for now, we are off out for something to eat - have a nice evening xxx

The alcoholics - je suis drunk springs to mind!

Then as we'd decided on an American Diner for food it'd be rude not to have a burger, which incidently were totally scrummy.

The guy on the next table kindly asked if he could take a photo of all 4 of us, so we obliged whilst we were deciding on pudding.

And then we walked back to the hotel.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Mini Chest

Today I've been playing with pieces of chipboard and coffee stirrers which I picked up at Donny Dome on Sunday!!

Firstly I painted everything in carbon DA chalky paint, then a dry brushing of dolphin DA multi surface satin to give some definition and finally a dry brushing of DA dazzling metallics black pearl to give some shimmer. I painted the gold plastic studs black and then silver from the DA media range.

Then I built up my pieces to make this chest. It measures approx 11cm x 6cm x 9cm. I added a couple of straps and the studs.

And this is it open. The white specs inside are where the glue is still wet, but it will be clear when completely dry.

I wanted it to be on a Halloween theme, so I've started adding skulls, skeletons and potion bottles, but none of it is stuck down as I am hoping to pick up some other stuff at the Glasgow craft show at the weekend.

All products are from the DecoArt range and I'm also entering into their Halloween competition.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Thank You

Just in case you didn't know, today is my birthday. Here are all the lovely gifts and cards I have to open.

Fraz was obviously going to help me out with this.

And then the next one.

And he's still going for it.

This is the mess he made!!

And these are all the lovely gifts I received from Lin R, Chris and Emma - thanks guys, they are fabulous.

And this is the bag all my goodies from Lin and Chris came in on Sunday when I met them at Donny Dome. It's going to Glasgow with me at the weekend as I'm hoping to fill it.

These are the handmade gifts I received from Emma and Chris.

This book from Chris is just stunning, there is so much texture on it and this photo just doesn't do it justice and of course the weather isn't helping, it's dark and peeing it down. Thanks Chris, I love it.

And my cards are from Lesley, Kirsten, Alison, Chris S and Hazel.

And Emma, Neet, Helen and Lin R.

And it all got too exciting for Fraz so he's retreated to the settee for a kip.

A huge thank you to everyone who has sent birthday wishes via twitter, FB, sent cards and pressies - thank you xxxx

I also received money from my family so I am looking forward to spending it at the craft show in Glasgow at the weekend where I am meeting up with Emma, Lin S and Helen.

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