Tuesday, 29 January 2008

NVQ Certificate

Just thought I'd post the proof!!!!

Sunday, 27 January 2008

More Jewellery Pieces

I made loads of these pieces today, in all colours, but I won't bore you with all of them. Would you believe that these two came out of the same pot one after each other, and they are both so different!!! I am hoping to open an ebay shop soon and put some of these pieces up for sale. Courtesy of Andrea, I have sold 2 already

Cookie Cutter Images

The pieces on the left were created using clear UTEE and a cookie cutter. The cutter was placed over the image and clear UTEE was poured directly into the cookie cutter. If you try this, ensure you use a release for your cutter or it will stick to the UTEE. I just stuck my finger in my clear embossing pad and then run it around the inside edge of the cutter. When the UTEE had hardened I took the cookie cutter away and cut around the image and the UTEE. Again they look great, but the photo doesn't do them justice!!! For the images on the right I have just drizzle the UTEE onto the craft mat for the first two and then placed the images on the top, the third is a piece of cardboard dipped into the hot UTEE again with the image placed on the top

More CD Pieces

This time I went for a hint of orange, although I think I prefer the blue ones

Mini Project File Book

This little book is made from mini files, they are approx 10 cms high by 5 cm wide. They were orginally cream but I used my frayed burlap distressed inks on them!!! Each page has been embellished with an image and/or some stamping. Walnut stain distressed ink was used for the stamping. The 2 pages were stapled together down the spine

Key Rings

A few more key rings. I am much happier with these ones, I have made a better job sealing them with the UTEE, they look loads neater, although I am not sure they have photographed that well. They are much brighter in real life!!!

Ribbon Box Prize

Don't know if you will remember, but back before christmas, Graeme, Hilda's son, picked out my ribbon box as a winner. This is one of the prizes I received. It was originally pine wood, but was just crying out to be altered, so here it is. Firstly I gave it a thin coat of gesso, then I cover the outside 'walls' with peeled paint, crackle paint, then used a piece of cut n dry to add walnut stain distressed inks to it. I also used the walnut stain ink to colour the insides of the wood and the rods that the ribbon spools sit on. I added some images to the inside of bottle tops and used them to embellish. The photos don't do it justice, it looks good, I like it

Eye Piece

Just simply cut an image out, stuck it on around the edges with diamond glaze and then used butterscotch and caramel alcohol inks to slightly tint the colour of the glass

Message in a Bottle

A friend sent me a few small clear bottles to see if I could do anything with them, they stand about 6 cms high. This is my first attempt. I used alcohol inks initially to colour the bottle, butterscotch and plum. I stuck the word inspire on the front. Inside is a tag I made and a few small beads hung from a piece of wire, the wire swings freely in the bottle. I am quite pleased with it

Saturday, 26 January 2008

A few more birthday bits

Made some more general birthday cards today and a few more Atc's as we have a lot of forum birthdays in February. The backgrounds have all been prepared using distressed inks and an image and happy birthday logo stamped with staz on

Friday, 25 January 2008

Stamped Images with a Distressed Look Atc Swap

These are my stamped image Atc's with a distressed look swaps for a forum I belong to. They haven't photographed too well, but they look ok in the flesh. I think it's because of the textured backgrounds and the dark colours

Birthday Atc's

Also made some birthday Atc's whilst I was at it!!!

Cards Embellished with my UTEE Samples

Needed to make some general birthday cards, and decided to embellish them with my previous UTEE samples

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Valentines With A Twist

These are my valentines swaps with a twist. The twist was that we were not allowed to use red or hearts. It was quite challenging

Saturday, 19 January 2008

More Faces

Faces on top left and bottom two are made from molds, top right is a cd piece. Top left and bottom right backgrounds are made from cardboard squares dipped in the UTEE. Top right and bottom left backgrounds are also made from cardboard but after being dipped in the UTEE they were placed onto rainbow foil and when cooled peeled off. Not all the foil came away, so I need more practise with this technique!!!! Bottom right UTEE was poured onto the craft sheet and a rubber stamp pressed into the hot UTEE. The stamp had been inked with a clear embossing ink before being placed in the UTEE

CD Faces

Stamped faces onto a blank cd, heated it up and then cut them out. Stuck them in a UTEE with a slight blue tinge, added a bit of alcohol ink and here are the results

Key Chains

The first couple I have made using 2" memory glass and dipped them into the hot UTEE to seal the edges - this is much harder than it looks!!! The third, same thing, except used 1" x 3" pieces of memory glass. \And lastly is another buddie, head bottle top, body UTEE, arms chain and charms and beads for the legs

More Jewellery

Another couple of necklaces. Would you believe that these were made out of the same pot one after the other, and they are completely different colours!!!! Amazing

Lovely CD Clock

This has been made for me by one of my forum friends, LazyKay. It has pride of place hung on my kitchen wall. Thank you so much, it was such a surprise and I LOVE IT

Friday, 18 January 2008


This is my very first attempt at making some of my UTEE pieces into jewellery. The one on the left is the heart that was cut out to make the photoframe. I have added a metal loop to the top and strung some cord through and put a swivel fastener on the ends of the pieces of cord. With the other 2, the cord has been threaded through the middle hole and pulled tight. I might even glue these down, haven't decided yet. Again a swivel fastener has been used on the middle one, the one on the right has been tied in a knot. The one on the left and the one in the middle hang quite high on the neck, whereas the one on the right is quite long as I had to leave enough cord so it would go over my head without getting stuck!!!

Finished UTEE Photoframe

Thought I'd share this. This is my finished product, a present for Lauren, using the UTEE photoframe I created previously. We all know how much she adores Fraz and how much he loves his friz

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Thank You Card

This is my thanks card that I made with my UTEE cookie cutter letters

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Memory Glass

These have been created using 2 pieces of memory glass and then dipping the edges into the coloured UTEE to seal. Did the one on the left first and then realised that I couldn't attach anything to it, so got wise for the second one and added a metal pin to the top so that I could add a key chain

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