Thursday, 30 June 2016

At the Beach

Another couple of Atc's made for a swap, the theme for them is At the Beach.

I mixed DecoArt texture sand paste and ultra matte varnish together and applied along the bottom of the atc to create sand. Once dry I coloured it with titan buff, translucent yellow iron-oxide and yellow oxide. For the sky I watered down cerulean blue. The clothes were painted in quinacridone magenta and the flesh, a mix of translucent white, quinacridone burnt orange and magenta.

This is a paper bag studio stamp and it was inked with salty ocean and lemonade and mustard seed distress inks and stamped onto an atc. The image was coloured with watered down DecoArt quinacridone magenta.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Over the Rainbow Swap

I joined a FB group to swap two atc's per month and the theme for July is somewhere over the rainbow. This is my take on the theme.

My thinking behind this one was yellow brick road. The background is a piece of canvas painted yellow, with a brick image stamped over it in black stazon. The ruby red shoes were cut out of a magazine.

And for this one I covered an atc sized piece of card with silver foil tape and ran it through an embossing folder. Added alcohol inks until I liked the colours, I used slate, black and wild plum. I found my tin man on the internet, printed him and cut him out.

I hope my swap partner likes them!!

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Second Set of Lollie Sticks

Did this set slightly differently to the first set. I stamped the images first and then using the DecoArt translucent paints from the media range, I painted the different sections.

I went back in afterwards with a black and a white pen.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Wide Lollie Sticks

We are having a lollie stick swap over on a FB group I belong to. I wanted to use the wider ones, so I sent for some off Ebay. I used DecoArt tinting base and a variety of colours of media paint for the backgrounds.

The images are either stamped in black Stazon ink or white everlasting chalky paint. I added some doodles and gems.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Atc Trio

Had a quick play today using DecoArt paints and Spellbinders dies. Nothing too complex, a bit of stamping and finished off with some doodling.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Angel #3

This one is slightly smaller at around 18" and I made it for my sister.

I love how the colours on the wings came out.

Close up of the right wing, teal, patina, turquoise and gold.

Close up of the left wing using the same colours.

I used cotton scrim for the top layer this time.

It wrapped around the under layer and the base perfectly.

From the back, loving those 'crazy' dangles.

Wings from the back, again loving the colours. 

The hair was again created using a mix of powertex and 3d flex.

And here are all three together for a short time until they go to their new homes.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Angel #2


After making an angel at the workshop last weekend with Allison, I wanted to make another for my mum. Wings being attached to the body. I used a £1 doll bust as opposed to the £9 plaster ones we used at the workshop.

Cut some fabric for the 'crazy' wings.

Covered the wings, the base layer and the draped layer in bronze Powertex.

I cut the hair off the dolls head but wanted to give her some different hair, so mixed bronze powertex with 3d flex to a consistency so that I could pipe it on. I covered the head in cling film just in case it didn't work, and I could still rescue the head.

But it did work, and this is what it looked like when dry!

Put the hair on the head and Powertexed them both.

Head back on and coloured with patina, teal and gold metallic paints.

Top half, wings and head.

Close up of front right wing.

Close up of front left wing.

Full view from the back.

Wings and head from the back.

I think this one shows up the metallic colours more.

View of face and hair from the side.

And finally in amongst the flowers.

Again, she's not staying in the garden, she's going to mums, if she likes her.

Monday, 30 May 2016

Finished Angel

On the grass in front of the bleeding heart.

Close up of the fab gothic type wings, or as Ali calls them, crazy wings.

And the wings from the back.

Moved her in front of the yellow bush (no idea what it is!)

Close up of wings and wrap on her waist.

Then I moved her in front of the purple bush (again no idea of name).

Full view from the back with the lovely gothic wings. 

And finally full view from the front with the purple bush.

I showed all the photos as the colours look totally different when set against various backgrounds.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Powertex Angel Workshop

So today was finally here, we've been waiting for ages for this workshop to get here!! Today we are making Powertex Angels with Allison of Allison Turner Designs. You may remember earlier in the year we did a fabulous Stone Art workshop with her.

Ali had secured the wooden base to a slate tile for us to create a stable base. We needed to extend the wooden pole to give more height. We used an empty loo roll, slit it, pulled it as tight as possible, taped it on and stuffed it with tinfoil to give it strength.

Next to Emma you will see an empty seat, unfortunately Lin wasn't very well enough and didn't make it, but Allison kindly gave me all the materials so she can make one at home.

We secured everything with masking tape including the boobs!!

Everyone getting their heads on their poles!! Ali doing a reckie making sure we were all okay.

The next step was to make the wings, which once you know how, was pretty easy.

Wings made, secured and masked off.

We then covered the wings with stockinette fabric.

Once the wings were done we dressed the pole and gave it a blast with the heat gun. Emma being ambidextrous!!

Lin can't quite believe that she's doing this, but enjoying herself and admiring her wings.

And relieving Emma of a heat tool and giving mine a blast!

Lesley just checking she's got everything covered.

Helen titivating her wings.

Chris wiping her hands (again!!), well wiping the gloves clean anyway!

Emma decided to blow her glove up (please don't ask me why!) and ended up with a Powertex tash!!

More drying time.

Chris contemplating and concentrating!

So round the table we go then, this one is mine.

This one is Lin's, not bad for a first play with Powertex is it.

This one is Allison's.

This one is Chris's, again fantastic for her first play with the Powertex.

And Helen's, great ruffles around the base.

This one is Lesley's which I pinched from her blog as the one I took was in shadow, and this is a much better photo.

And finally, this one is Emma's.

They were still pretty wet but the wings seemed to have dried enough for us to add some colours. Ali was showing us how to mix the pigment and varnish and dry brush the colour on.

Helen and Lesley intently watching the colour mixing.

We added a layer of green patina, bronze gold and a lighter gold, but unfortunately I didn't take any more photos. Once mine has dried properly in the next couple of days I'm going to add more colour as I personally find it easier to do when it's completely dry, so I will be back in a day or two to show you what it looks like.

Thanks ladies and Allison for an absolutely fantastic day and it was really, really great to catch up with you all again, it's been too long xxxx


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