Sunday, 12 February 2017

The 'Boy' Bag

When we went to the powertex class a couple of weeks ago, Lin kindly brought me her Teesha Moore stamp, we call him 'the boy'. I used him with black paint to stamp onto fabric, then cut them into 7.5cm x 9.5cm pieces approx.

I was originally going to have 5 x 4 images, but when I put them on the fabric after I'd finally chose which I was going to use, I realised it would be a bit too big, so went with 4 x 3 instead.

I used a zig zag stitch between the images.

As I've never attempted a bag before I did look to see what I could find to help me on the internet but I think rather than helping it confused me, so I went my own way with it. I cut some panels for the bottom and sides.

I found some lovely green fabric which would work perfectly as a lining.

All the side panels sewn together.

And the tricky part, sewing the last panels and bottom together to make the bag shape.

Next came the straps for the handles.

Quite impressed with how the side panels came out, more by luck than judgement!

I turned the straps back the right way round,pinned them into the bag and when I'd got them where I wanted them, sewed them in.

Just tided up the top and the inside and there we are, all done. Very pleased with how it came out, especially for a first attempt.

And the sides don't look too bad either.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Acrylic Crackle Square

Having watched Andy Skinner on Hochanda on Wednesday, I searched for some acrylic shapes and came across these 3" x 3" squares which I think Chris sent to me as part of a prize. I didn't have any two step crackle so decided to see if it would work with clear media crackle, which as you can see, it did.

Next I made up a wash of media paint to seep into the cracks to further hi-light them.

Next I found out why it was important to stamp the substrate first instead of after the crackle has been applied. The stazon when stamped took some of the crackle off when the stamp was pulled away. But I carried on and painted the triangle of the eye with titan buff media paint.

Once the titan was dry I painted the background with pyrrole red and then heat set.

And finally I peeled the backing off, which then became the front and this is what was revealed. Where the paint has splodged is where the stamp pulled the crackle off.

Had good fun playing though. All the products were from the DecoArt media range.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Rustic Hearts

I had a play with rust powder, ivory powertex and bister. The balls weren't meant to be there, but I had a little accident and knocked the pot over and that's where some of them landed!

This one has Decoart modeling paste through a stencil directly onto the mdf. Rust powder was mixed into the ivory powertex and spread over the mdf. Again the sand balls weren't meant to feature! I spritzed them both with a 50 / 50 of lemon juice and water. I again forgot to pick up some white vinegar.

Once they had been left for 24 hours and completely dry I sprayed them with yellow and then brown bister, drying in between colours.

This one has had the same treatment.

Close up after a third colour of bister has been added and dried.

Again a third colour of bister and you may also be able to see some cracks developing.

For the next layer I sprayed on some perfect pearls mist in green, it sort of gave it a patina look as it has a shimmer.

And on this one I sprayed with perfect pearls mist in bisque, which is like a champagne gold colour.

And finally I went over the sand balls with treasure gold.

I went over both the stenciling and sand balls with treasure gold on this one.

Close up of the sand balls after being treasure golded and you can still see the rust on the left.

Hopefully you can see how this catches in the light and you can still pick up the rust.

Atc RAKs and Postcard for a Swap

12 - 18 February is RAK week and 17 February is RAK day. I am in an ATC swap group and thought it would be a good idea if we randomly selected people in the group to send ATC RAKs too. Today I made five to send out.

I am also in a postcard swap for UKStampers FB group, so carrying on with the same theme as the RAKs, I made this quick postcard, the theme is faces. It's very plain as it has to be posted naked, ie as it is, no envie or anything!

Monday, 6 February 2017


As it's RAK (Random Act of Kindness) week from 12th - 18th February and RAK day 17th February, I suggested to a FB group I'm in that it would be a great idea if we did this amongst ourselves. There are only 7 of us in our closed group, so not too difficult to arrange. One person in the group pm'd everyone the name of the person we are to make for. The person we make for isn't necessarily the person we receive from, so it's a bit like a secret Santa I guess.

Anyway this is what I made from pieces of mdf and chipboard. All products are from DecoArt.

I hope she likes it xx

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Art Dolls

Had a little play this morning with some bits of wood and some printed images and came up with these couple of art dolls. They were inspired by Mark Montano's video which you can see here.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Valentines Theme Swap

Over on a FB group I'm in we are having a valentines themed swap, so mine was hearts, hearts, hearts.

Close up of the crackle

The layered hearts and the tulip paint.

More crackle!

Monday, 30 January 2017

Birthday Cards

I needed three cards for crafty friends with birthdays in January, so I decided to try a Powertex and Bister mini mixed media style and was quite pleased how they came out.

The hardest part was trying to keep them flat once they had been mounted on to the actual card, as they dried on the chipboard they curled!

I used teal pigment along with copper and gold on this one to hi-light the textures.

Bits and bobs, coffee stirrers, corrugated cardboard, cotton scrim, sand balls, string, dishcloth and t-shirt fabric to create the textures.

Everything was sprayed in a mix of brown or natural Bister and water and left to dry overnight.

Once completely dry they were all dry brushed very lightly with ivory Powertex and copper and gold pigments to finish.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Triptych Powertex Workshop

The table ready and set up for us to go. As you can see there are three pieces of lovely ragged raw wood for each of us.

Alli giving us a run down on what we were doing and dishing out 'pink' gloves!!! Yikes!!!

First step, paint the panels with gesso and dry with a heat tool.

Lesley gessoing her panels, don't forget the edges!

Next we added some stenciling using the Powertex Easy Structure product, which is basically like a texture paste, modeling paste or grunge paste.

The girls adding their stenciling to the panels whilst wearing their pink gloves!!

We dried the Easy Structure with a heat tool.

This is about 3 steps later. Next we mixed a 50 / 50 of 3d flex and ivory powertex to make an icing like consistency to literally drop and slop across our three panels. We used a pallet knife to create texture and stringy bits, some of us added the sand balls in. Next we sprayed the powertex and 3d flex mix with bister and left it to dry on it's own for now!

Next we decided what embellishments we wanted to use and roughly placed them where we wanted them to be.

Using powertex we stuck them down on the panels, dried them with a heat tool and gave them a coat of gesso and then dried that with a heat tool too.

This one is Lesley's, she is just deciding where to place her embellishments.

And then all the additions got a final coat of ivory powertex, this is to ensure that everything dries hard, ie the corrugated cardboard. Everything on all three panels was then zapped with a heat tool and I'm not sure if you can see or not, but the bister over the powertex and 3d flex mix has started to crack.

Then the fun started. You would not believe how many layers of different colours of bistre and spray paint this has had on it, but basically I just kept going until I was happy with what I had. And if any of you eagle eyed people out there can spot some pink, well you'd be right, I used a bright pink with a mica in it!!

I left mine there for the day as I wanted to go back to it to do some dry brushing when I got home after it had 100% totally dried.

Chris admiring what she'd done and the rest of the girls in the background drying their panels.

This is Chris's once she'd dried it.

Helen is still drying hers as her 3d flex / Powertex mix was quite thick so took a while to dry.

Lin's, again she also had a thick layer of the mix, sorry the photo is a bit blurred but I was taking it over her shoulder whilst she was still drying it.

We finished up at the workshop and all decided to do the dry brushing when we got home after the panels had had time to properly dry.

So this morning, I added violet shimmer and yellow shimmer Decoart media sparys, dazzling metallics in berry and teal, metallic lustres in black shimmer, majestic purple, elegant emerald, brilliant turquoise and champagne ice until I was happy with what I had.

As the sun was out, I took them outside in the garden and took some photos.

Close up of the stenciled skull hi-lighted in black shimmer and the mix of powertex, 3d flex and sand balls.

Close up of the grungeboard numbers and wooden cogs.

Another close up of the stenciling and paste mix.

Close up of the stringiness we managed to achieve with paste mix and power cotton.

Love how the mix on this one crackled once heated.

Close up of the burlap and metal embellishments.

And one more close up, stenciling, wooden cog and paste mix in bottom corner.

Then I came back inside and took another photo. Obviously they look duller and you can't see the metallic as well.

Another close up of the middle of the middle panel.

Another close up of the key and cog sat on the burlap.

And finally a close up of the bottom of the right panel. Right in the bottom corner you can see the corrugated cardboard and sand balls.

I love how they've finished up really grungy even though I've used a lot of metallics to hi-light the textures.

We took this workshop with Alli Turner of Allison Turner Designs, please contact her through her website to arrange classes.

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