Thursday, 26 May 2016

Time Capsule

I'm mixing Andy Skinner with Mark Montano, both of DecoArt, not sure if that's a good mix or not!! Anyhow, moving on, I covered a bottle in text paper just the same as the last post.

Painted the bottle in media translucent yellow iron oxide, added a few images here and there, parts from die cuts and some more netty lacy stuff around the bottom. The white stuff you can see is media textured sand paste mixed with media matte vanish as I wanted to create some texture.

Next I added a gazillion colours of DecoArt paint from the media range until I was totally happy with the look I wanted to achieve to create the rusty / patina look.

Close up of the neck of the bottle over the media textured sand paste.

I added in random words and numbers from an Andy Skinner stencil with media white gesso.

Stenciling on the neck of the bottle.

To blend the media white gesso in I created an Andy dirty wash. 

I was in two minds at this stage as I really loved the colours and the texture and didn't want to cover them up, but I did initially set out with Mark Montano's technique in mind, so I carried on with the embellishing.

I added fibres and charms.

Clocks and a windy up key.

Some chain and more charms.

String, ribbon and more keys.

And I found a great stopper in my stash for the top, it's a perfect fit.  

Finished bottle from the front.

Finished bottle from the back.

All products are from the DecoArt media range.

Andy Skinner is also hosting a 'Time' challenge, where you have to use at least one of his products, think I've covered that!!

Oriental Bottle

Having watched a mini clip from DecoArt by Mark Montano showcasing the new Alice Through the Looking Glass release which you can see here, I decided to take his idea but go my own way with it. I covered my bottle with oriental text paper.

Once dry, I gave it a coat of quinacridone red as I wanted to still be able to see the text through the paint. Next I added an oriental image, a couple of strips of washi tape and I cut three flowers from some netting material, a strip from a piece of squared lacy stuff for the back and a piece of red and gold material to go up the right hand side of the image.

I painted the flowers with various colours of metallic lustres, rose gold, turquoise and red. The ladder style lace at the back was painted with the black shimmer lustre.

I outlined the flowers with a black sharpie pen and added black square gem stones in the centers.

I also outlined the red/gold fabric in black too, you can just see a bit of it on the right.

Love how you can still see the text through the paint.

I added a few strands of fibres and a Chinese coin to the bottle neck.

I wasn't too sure what to do with the top as I didn't have anything suitable to put inside to make a top, so I simply covered it with ribbon and stuffed the end in the top of the bottle.

You can see the red / gold outlined fabric better on this photo.

And here is the finished bottle.

All products are from the DecoArt range and don't forget to check out Marks short video.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Affirmation Stones

Over on the FB Mini Marvels page Angie has started off a bit of a craze by creating some affirmation stones from a tutorial by Mark Montano of DecoArt which you can see here. So I got the bug and here is my take on them, the hardest part was finding some stones!!!

The background colour is quinacridone red, I used it because I wanted to use red, but this one is translucent so you can still see the oriental text underneath. I stamped the Chinese dragon in black stazon and outlined with a thin black out liner pen and centered it over the stone as best I could. I used translucent white and carbon black to decorate it.

Exactly the same process for this one, stamped the skull and positioned it over the stone. I watered down some paynes grey, again as I wanted the text to show through, translucent white on the skull and the dots. Outlined the skull and parts of it in black carbon.

And finally the last one I coloured with quinacridone violet. I free drew a heart in the white, only because I had some left from the above, added dots in black and white and then introduced the cerulean blue. Outlined the white heart in black.

All products are from the DecoArt media range.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

APC Swap - Mini Marvels

I'm in a FB group called Mini Marvels run by the lovely Chris. She had organised a swap of 9 altered playing cards. Here are my lovely collection of swaps. You can see the ones I made for the swap here.

The second part of the challenge, should you wish to take it up, was to create something to display or to keep them in. So I started to play around with a 12" x 12" sheet of paper.

Once I'd sussed out the measurements I moved on to doing it for real with black card and patterned papers.

I decided on a black and white theme of stripes and dots.

Stuck everything down, added some lettering and rounded the flaps.

And this is the back, or should I say the outside, continuing with the black and white and stripey and dots theme.

I then decided to add more info to the bottom of the pockets.

This is the book folded up, so this is the front cover.

And this is the back cover, the end sleeve is folded inside. 

I decided not to add any closures as it wouldn't sit flat if I did and I will probably display it open so I can see the contents.

This is how it looks with the flaps down, obviously they don't sit totally flat as some of the fab contents have texture.

I thought I'd finished but the top flaps looked too plain, so I got my white sharpie pen out and added some dots and lines, now I'd finished.

Then we took Fraz for a walk and it hit me, duh what a total wholly, they are not A T C's, they are A P C's!!! Luckily enough for me, all it meant was that I had to stick a P over the T - now it's definitely finished.

Friday, 20 May 2016

21st Card

After making my mums card and her asking me to make one for her friend, after I showed that, I was then asked by one of my friends if I could make a 21 card for her in the same style and colours.

From another angle, the ladies name is Eleanor and I had to use some smaller letters so I could get all them all in.

And this is it folded, or as folded as it will go!

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Friday 13th Atc's

I started off by mixing media texture sand paste with ultra matte varnish and randomly spread it on three white pieces of card cut to atc size.

Once dry, I gave each one a coat of media paynes grey mixed with a hint of tinting base and continued to add different colours of media paint until I was happy with the backgrounds.

Next I added the images and gave everything a coat of ultra matte varnish. Once dry I applied clear crackle glaze to parts of the atcs.

I used a combination of black and brown antiquing cream over the crackles, although they blended the images into the background quite well, they didn't really enhance the cracks, so I went back in with the white. 

I cut some chicken wire and coloured it with quin gold, used mini staples to attach it and painted them quin gold too. 

I added the chit chat words and gave them a coat of Andy's dirty wash to tone down the white.

Again added a chit chat phrase and used the dirty wash to tone it down. The X is from my new dies.

I used the media mister to drip the red paint down the atc.

That's Crafty have a theme of Friday 13th.

All products are from DecoArt media range.


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