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Monday 27 March 2023

Finn Class - Day 2 - Altered Journal Covers (PM)


This is what was in the kit for the last workshop of the weekend.

First step after getting the covers off was to add white crackle paste to both outside covers.

Next I used Dublin flakes to add metallic elements to the covers and the main feature, the steampunk moth.

Laid out the composition, stuck everything down with heavy body gel and dried thoroughly.  Coated with black gesso and wiped back.

And this is what I ended up with.  Metallic flakes still visible. We then used white gesso to dry brush both covers to allow the colours to come through.

I chose to decorate in shades of green, I used emerald and lime from Finns acrylic range.

The back cover has tape on for a bit of added texture.

This is the best photo I could get whilst still in the class!

We managed to finish around 5.30pm, so we went back to the pub, had something to eat and then I drove home. We dropped Jules off, then I dropped Janet off and I walked in the door at 12.30am.  Bailey was soooo pleased to see me and so was Martin x

Finn Class - Day 2 - Altered Canvas (AM)

After a little bit of a panic not being able to find the car keys, but then finding them in the safe place I'd chosen to put them, we wandered back over the bridge.

This time I remembered to take a few photos.

It's a lovely setting and there were lots of people taking their dogs for a walk on the green by the river.

Back in the classroom.  Today we were a bigger group of 15 as opposed to seven yesterday. The same seven, plus eight new people.

So here we are, all at the front again watching Anna demoing the first steps of the smaller than yesterday canvas.

We used tissue paper again to cover the canvas, a different pattern to yesterdays.

Everyone working away and having fun.

I added some textures to the canvas, including stencilling with 3d transparent gel, masking tape and some computer bits.

Next I started to build up the composition.  Thanks Jules for the Tim Holtz paper doll from the Halloween set!

I took this as nothing was stuck down, so I had to take it all off and rebuild it.

I chose to use purple shades of mica powders to colour the elements.  Mixed them with fluid acrylic and sprayed with water to make them flow and drip.

Placed it on the shelf behind me to take the photo.

And finally added my wicked lady, a spider and some splatters.

Close ups of the canvas.

This is the one that Janet made.

Close ups of the lovely colours and textures.

Jules and Vicki working on their canvases.

Vicki admiring hers with encouragement from a fellow crafter passing by.

After this class, we went out to get some lunch and came back ready for the last session of the weekend.

Finn Class - Day 1 - Altered Canvas (PM)


Next was the very large oblong canvas.  Jules getting the wrapping off hers.

Prepping the canvas ready for the tissue papers.

This one was mine.

We used icing paste through a stencil on the largest of the mdf circles.

Jules deciding which bit of the tissue paper to use.

This was a large project and we got lots and lots of embellishments to use on it.

This is everything out of the packets, there was absolutely loads to choose from.

So this is how I arranged mine on the canvas.

Next we painted everything with white gesso.  We gave it two or three coats in some places.

I added a combination of prussian blue and black, sprayed with water, twisted the canvas to move the paint around and finished off with silver metallic wax.  I didn't have a suitable image to finish it off, so I left it until I got home.

And finally a group photo, had to be inside as it was dark outside - lol.

I won a Patron prize too, I pulled out the apron.  Thanks Anna, so generous.

And this is my shopping.  It's all Dusty Attic as you can't get it anywhere else in the UK that I know of.  And, it was lovely to see it in the flesh.  Could have easily spent loads more, but thankfully I didn't!

We didn't get finished until 8pm, so straight to the restaurant to order food at last food orders were 8.30pm.  The portions were massive, I had gammon, egg, pineapple, chips and salad, was lovely.

Finn Class - Day 1 - Altered Rusty Clock (AM)

So yesterday we (me, Janet & Jules) travelled up to Haddington nr Edinburgh to spend the weekend with Finn (aka Anna).

We stayed at a lovely pub hotel called The Golf Tavern.

This was my lovely room for the weekend.

After breakfast on Saturday, we made our way over the bridge and headed towards The Mad Scrapper, the craft shop where the workshops were taking place.

Day 1, workshop 1.  Once we had all been introduced we chose our seats and unpacked our craft bags.

We'd been given a clock to play with.  Janet just trying to fathom out how to get the back off!!

Then we made a start on building up the composition for the inside.

This was mine.

Anna with everyone at the front, showing us how to use the heavy body gel properly. Slap it on, and use loads was the outcome - lol.

Table all set up with Prima Finnabair products for us all to play with.

Everyone working on their ideas for the clock.

Bit of a close up of the flower arranging!

Unfortunately we didn't get much time to speak to these two as the sessions were so fast paced.

Some of Anna's artwork from previous visits on the wall at The Mad Scrapper.

Janet heating up her glue gun to stick the paper flowers down.

Louise and Sara doing the same.

And this is what I did to mine.  I forgot to take any more photos because of laughing so much!!!

Group photo of the nearly finished pieces.

We then stopped for lunch and then onto the afternoon session.

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