Thursday, 22 March 2018

Three More Mice

Before I went on holiday I was asked if I could make three more mice with specific colours of clothing and accessories.

The brief for this one was grey clothing and pink accessories.

And for this one, green clothing and turquoise accessories.

And for this one, purple clothing and teal accessories.

They all have the same style of clothing, ie the decoration of the toggles and piece on the top of the hat are all the same as per the request.

Pleased to say that the person who requested them is happy with the photos of them.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Rusty Elements

After the launch of the new Andy Skinner and Tando greyboard kits, they inspired me to make a couple of tags. I already have the industrial set and some mdf hearts and tags and this is what I came up with.

All products used were from the DecoArt range, including textured sand paste, media paints in paynes grey, dairylide yellow, cobalt teal and quinacridone gold.

I also used some metallic lustre in orange flicker over some of the sand paste to bring out the detail.

Love how the quin gold changes the colour of the colours underneath.

And for the second one I used white modelling paste with the fossil stencil.

I painted the whole tag with white tinting base, added a layer of patina antiquing cream and wiped back. Then added metallic lustre in orange flicker and copper kettle.

The heart was made in the same way as the tag above and I've added some rusty wire.

Close up of the sand paste with orange flicker metallic lustre.

Both tags, side by side.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Easel Cards

I was asked to make a couple of cards so I chose the easel style as they both required quite a few different pictures on them.

They were both for 50th birthdays.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Sleepy Bunnies in Baskets

Large sleep bunny in a basket, the basket is approx 7" wide and 3.5" deep and has been filled with shredded tissue paper and then natural coloured raffia.

And this is a view of the basket and the lovely bright weave.

Smaller sleepy bunny. Basket size is approx 4.5" wide and 3" deep, again filled with shredded tissue and raffia.

And a view of the basket and its pink and yellow weave.

And finally the last bunny in the basket. This basket is approx 5" wide and 3.5" deep.

Pink basket with yellow and purple weave.

These would make lovely Easter gifts and there is room in the baskets for you to add some mini chocolate eggs.

You can find them all sale in my Etsy shop -

Another Mouse

I made another mouse to put in my Etsy shop.

He is wearing lilac, has blue buttons and a silver trim.

His bag and scarf are a lovely shade of deep yellow.

He is for sale in my Etsy shop. Please pop over and take a look as sleepy bunnies have also been added today too. 

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Easter Basket Bunnies

I made a sleepy bunny and found a lovely basket to put it in, added some raffia and he looks so cute. Then I was asked if I could make another one, but slightly different. Well that was easy as I'm not sure I could make two the same anyway!! 

This is the first basket I picked up, a yellow one with purple and pink weave.

And this one is a pink basket with a yellow and purple weave. Which is brilliant as their favourite colours are these three but they are slightly different so will be able to easily tell them apart (no arguing, hopefully!)

All snuggled up in their little baskets ready for Easter.

These two are sold, but I will be making some more to put in my Etsy shop ready for Easter.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Sleepy Bunnies

So yesterday I popped into Wilkos and picked up a wooden spoon and some (5 in a pack) wooden fence pegs. Brought them home and marked two inch increments on them both.

This is the official Sarafina zullitool which is the 'proper' tool but you can only get it from the US and with postage, custom and admin charges on top of the $22 for the tool, it works out a lot more than the £2.15 that I spent on my Wilko purchases.

 With the thin end of the tool, so the handle end of the wooden spoon (I need it sawing off at the scoop as it won't fit in my box), I made this little sleepy bunny.

Yesterday I also picked up a little Easter basket and some grass (ie raffia).

And with the wooden fence peg I made a much larger sleepy bunny.

Side by side, you can see the difference in size.

And on my felting platform which is approx A4 for approx size of each one. 

To make these bunnies follow the Sarafina sleepy bunny tutorial. She will also show you how to use the zullitool or an improvised version of it.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Leaves for Loren

One of the ladies (Colette Loren) on a FB group I belong to has asked for help as she was in need of leaves for all four seasons to help decorate a tree for her daughter. So I've made these to help out.

The only stipulation was that they had to be 3" or bigger, which they are. These ones are needle felted and decorated on both sides.

I wanted to try a wet felted one too. I decided to try a simple shaped leaf to start with.

And I wanted it in shades of green. The sparkle is angelina fibre.

You can see how big it came out, really pleased with it. It's now in the airing cupboard drying ready for the next step.

Once completely dried I got the sewing maching out to further embellish them.

And this is the back with some sparkle still showing through from the angelina.

These are now going to be posted off to go on the tree for Loren which her mum is making.

Saturday, 10 February 2018


After making the hippo and putting pictures up on FB, I was asked by someone else if I could make a unicorn, preferably in purple, with blue and yellow. So again, I had no idea how I woud get on, but said that I'd give it a go. I made the body, head and legs from toy stuffing and then attached them for the basic horse shape as above. 

And this is how she ended up looking after been given some colour. The mane and tail are blue locks.

She can either stand on all four legs or have the front right slightly bent and stand on three.

Loved making the stripe on her horn.

She has big adorable eyes too.

And finally a photo of her other side.

She has been parcelled up and sent off to her new home.

She is a present for someone else, so I hope she likes her.

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