Sunday, 12 August 2018

Soft Toy Dog

Remember my car boot finds from last weekend? Well here is the soft toy.

I cling filmed the ears and the tail and 'painted' on the ivory Powertex.

I just did the back, body and legs and then set it outside to dry.

Next I did the face and the paws. I actually rubbed the Powertex into the paws and the muzzle as opposed to painted it on. I styled the muzzle on how I wanted it to dry and also made sure the fur on the feet was flattened so he would stand up on his own once he'd dried out.

Once he'd dried, I took the cling film off and powertex'd his tail, ears and nose. I used the transparent on his already black nose. I styled the ears and used cling film to keep his tail straight whilst it dried. 

Left him on the grass outside to dry.

And here he is playing in the garden.

I love how he looks like he's running towards me!

Sandball Skull

After being introduced to the 'mucky mess' technique at the Garden Party and forgetting to pick some ingredients up at Pramoda Gifts, I ordered some!

I did this in stages as I didn't want to mix too much up in one go, especially in this heat.

I literally just used a pallet knife to 'spread' it over the polystyrene skull. I did 'paint' the area with black Powertex to help it to stick easier.

I cut a recess out the back and added in a skull.

Once the whole of the skull was covered, I left it outside to dry.

Then again, with no particular plan, I just started to gently add some colour. This took quite a while as I didn't want to put too much on too soon, or to get my brush too loaded and end up with an area that had a clump of colour.

From the side, I still wanted quite a bit of the black to show through.

I added some clear beads for eyes to the skull in the back of the head and mixed up some white pigment to hi-light the features.

Close up of the eyes, the left one as you look at it is a huge brad and the right one is a metal cog. I stuck them both in with transparent Powertex.

I hi-lighted some of the teeth with bronze gold pigment.

Day of the Dead Skull

Having been to the Powertex Garden Party and Pramoda Gifts in the same week, and picking up some polystyrene skulls from the latter, I set to digging out some embellies and fabric possibilities.

I had some ivory and bronze Powertex left so I mixed them together just to give the polystyrene a coat. I started to add a few bits.

Building it up more and more.

Using the Powertex as a glue, I stuck everything down and set it outside to dry.

This is the back of the head.

And one of the sides.

 I waited until it was completely dry until I started to play around with colours.

No plan involved, I just kept adding colour until I liked what I'd got.

And again, from the side.

And the back of the head.

From the front and the eyes.

Now I just need to find somewhere to put him on display. 

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Powertex tags

I had some Powertex left in my tray, so I grabbed three little tags to use it up.

I coloured the left one with bisters, the middle one with hi flow inks and the right one with acrylic paint.

Then I played with pigments and the Powerwax until I was happy with what I had, adding and removing colours as I went along.

Once I'd decided I was there, I left them a couple of hours to dry in the sun and then did some dry brushing over the top with the ivory Powertex.

Close ups of the dry brushing with the ivory Powertex. I think they came out pretty good and I have no preference over the different mediums I used, it just depends what effect you are going for.

Saturday, 4 August 2018

Hessian Dog

Inspired by lovely makes dotted all around the grounds at the Powertex garden party, I knew I needed to have a go at a little dog after seeing Tracey's fabulous make above.

I have no idea how she made hers, but this is how I started with mine to get a basic shape. Garden wire, half a kitchen roll tube and bubble wrap stuffed inside the tube holding the legs, head and tail in place.

I used tin foil to build up the legs, head and tail. Then covered it in paper tape to hold it all in place.

I used bubble wrap to fatten up the legs and give the belly a bit of bulk and again covered with paper tape.

I rolled out some clay and put a thin layer over the back and head and under the belly. I took the foil ears off and made some clay ones. I only put the tinfoil ones on to see where they were going to go whilst building the head.

I used small strips of hessian dipped in ivory Powertex building up textures to cover everything but the paws. I left them until the rest of it was dry.

Once dry, I went back in and covered the feet, also making sure he would stand up.

I gave him some eyes. I decided to use transparent Powertex on the cotton for the eye so it stayed white and didn't get lost on his face.

However I did use ivory to stick it on and also on the other eye, but I should have stuck to the transparent. Remember though, transparent isn't water / weatherproof, so will need to be varnished if going outside.

Close ups of the fab texture the hessian makes.

View from the overhead.

I went back in and painted over the ivory Powertex I'd got on his eyes!

Just saying 'hello' to Fraz.

So now he is finished. I'm not going to add any colour to him because when you try and add pigment or bister to ivory Powertex, for some reason it just looks mucky.

He roughly measures 10" long by 8" high.

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