Monday, 22 May 2017

Mosaic Dragonfly

Something a little different for me, yesterday I went to a mosaic workshop at Pramoda Gifts, Long Sutton. The workshop was with a lovely lady called Karen Frosdick. I chose to decorate a dragonfly. This is the treated mdf shape and I was playing with some tiles for the body.

This is what we were aiming for by the end of the day. This is Karen's sample piece in shades of blue.

I glued the tiles on for the body and then made a start on the wings. Once I was happy with the layout they were glued down too.

Continued with the bottom half of each wing and again glued them in place.

As we had to wait for the glue to dry, it was shopping time!

Karen was just finishing off drying Marina's. A hairdryer is preferable as it doesn't get the tiles as hot as a heat gun.

After lunch, and once the piece was totally dry, we moved onto the grouting. I chose to do mine in black.

Marina and Phill having a conflab. They have taken over most of the centre now and I have to say, it looks absolutely fabulous. There are loads and loads of lovely crafty items on display and I bought my mum a decoupaged duck as she has a duck fettish at present!

And here it is.

This is the dragonfly after three lots of grouting and wiping back. I couldn't take any photos inbetween as it was a messy job.

And Marina chose to use the off white grouting on hers, again after three lots of grouting and wiping.

I was told yesterday to take it home and not touch it until this morning, where I could then buff and polish it. This was to ensure the grout was totally dry.

The sun was out this morning so you can see the lovely colours and shimmers from the various different tiles.

And again from the opposite wing.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Hearts and Cherub

Following on from my last post, this is how I've used the other half of the heart.

Chiselled out a resess to house the small cherub.

Covered everything in Powertex StoneArt.

Used brown and yellow bisters to colour.

Next I took a large elongated heart, painted it with rouge chalky finish paint and stencilled with lace. Made a wash to tone it down and then added more stencilling in a mix of lace and gold. Added yellow translucent and quin gold media paint, spritzed to drip down the tag.

Added lots of pigments and treasure gold to the polystyrene heart and wings until I was happy with the colour as when it dried it went really light.

Close up of the dripped quin gold and translucent yellow oxide.

 And as the sun was still out, a photo in the shrubbery in the garden and although it looks a bit pink, it is actually a really nice stone colour!

Another entry for the PaperArtsy challenge of assemblage.


I was kindly sent a polystyrene heart with as a free gift with an order and today decided to play with it.

I spliced it in half and smoothed the backs down.

Next I decided which clay pieces I wanted to use with them.

I cut into the front of the hearts so I could sink the clay pieces in. 

Next I covered them both with Powertex StoneArt.

And then sprayed it with bister in red although it doesn't look red on this photo, it looks more brown.

Buffed it up and then added black paint.

I covered an mdf heart with ivory Powertex and added in some small polystyrene balls, some sand balls and some cotton scrim to add texture.

Once dry I sprayed it with black media misters.

Next I added some dry brushing to bring out the balls and the cotton scrim and added the stoneart heart.

I thought it needed something to finish it off so around the edge of the mdf heart I added some gold paint.

I'll be back with the second piece in the next couple of days.

That's Crafty have a theme of mainly black and Paperartsy have a theme of assemblage.


The sun came out so I went outside and took a photo.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

'A' Layers and Layers

I took a cardboard substraight in the form of a letter A and gave it a coat of media tinting base.

I added modelling paste, crackle paint, crackle paste and texture sand paste mixed with ultra matte varnish very randomly all over the A.

Next I started to apply different colours of media paint starting with paynes grey.

And yellow transparent oxide.

And after lots and lots more layers.

And same for the other side with lots of quin gold.

Next I added metallic lustre.

I used champagne, orange flicker, turquoise and black shimmer.

I was very sparing with the embellishments as I didn't want to cover too much up!

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Powertex Planters

Today (Saturday) when we went shopping I picked up these two outdoor planters as I've been trying to get hold of some at a cheap price for ages. Been to the car boot but nothing and then Morrisons had them for £2 each.

For some unknown reason, when I covered them this time, I got in such a mess, the Powertex went everywhere, hair, floor, fleece, feet and jeans!!

And this is the other one. I think they are going to take a while to dry! So I'll be back in a couple of days with the next instalment.

I actually left it for four days to ensure it was completely dry. I tried to put them in the airing cupboard to help the drying process, but they wouldn't fit in, hence the four days.

So just a reminder, the next step I like to do is add white pigment over the black powertex.

I added the two gold pigments and finally a bit of red.

And exactly the same for the second one.

I took some photos outside as finally after four or five days the cloud has lifted, the sky is blue and the sun is out.

And again the second one. 

I made them for my mum's birthday which is on Friday. I've wrapped a few little presents for her and put them inside the planters. In a couple of weeks I'll buy her some plants and soil so she can put them outside on the patio. But at the moment they aren't weatherproof as they still need another couple of weeks to cure.

I've also entered into this months CVC's challenge which is flower power.

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