Friday, 12 September 2014

Mini Book

Over at Artful Times we are asking to see your mini books and I mean mini, measuring at largest 2" x 3", which is what mine is. I used a JoFY stamp with distress in markers for the front and decorated with a piece of burlap and a button.

And for the back I used distress ink markers too with a TH butterfly stamp and sorry, have no idea who the word is made by.

For the inside pages I used various handmade papers.

Hope you can find the time to join in. Don't forget, the winner gets a £10 voucher to spend at Oyster Stamps.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Steampunk Hanger

I needed a bit of a release this afternoon, and over at ABAC blog, they have a theme of Steampunktember, so I decided to play along with my cogs, gears and time pieces and assembled them as above to make a hanging.

I die cut the shapes in chipboard, painted them in various metalics and black to try and give a rusted effect. Then did the large wings in pewter and put them through the script embossing folder, and the smaller set in copper.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

UTEE Keyrings

Continuing on with my play day last Sunday later in the afternoon I got my melt pot out to make these key rings. Even though I put them on white paper, you still couldn't see them properly.

Luckily the sun was out, so I went outside and placed them all over the bush at the end of the garden, and the sun glistened through some of them.

And from a different angle.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Brushos, Bondaweb & Vilene

Having an odd piece of vilene, I decided to test it with brusho and this is the result.

As you can see from the right one, I tried to stamp with bleach but nothing really happened, so I decided to go with a couple of solid stamps but detailed ones still stamped well on it too. 

Right is the vilene with an iron on lining and left is the result of pressing on top after the brusho has been added.

Again the ink really sunk into the material (now switched to the left side) and right, hexagons stamped in bleach to remove the colour.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Brushos and Bondaweb

The pieces of card were covered with bondaweb and brushos added. Top left brushos added then spritzed, bottom left card spritzed and brushos added and drippage, right card spritzed, brushos added and sandwiched with another piece of card to create different effects.

Stamped images have been added using black versa fine ink.

Love how the colours show through the creases in the trousers.

This one came out pretty cool too using blue and black inks to stamp with.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Brushos and Bleach

By this time I'd had everything out, so I carried on and made even more mess!!

Left is a brusho mop up and right is a sandwich off a bondaweb page

I used my new wooden TH stamp from Lesley on the left hand side of the left piece and I bleached out the cobwebs on the right.

Close up of the bleached areas.

To create this background I used a pipette to add a pool of water on the card, then added the brusho - thanks Amanda

Then simply stamped the wonderful dragonfly image.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

A Play with Tags

I'd been playing with brushos, bondaweb, bleach and straws to make different backgrounds. Here are a few I wanted to share.

The two on the right were created using the TH distress marker spritzer tool to blow the ink.

And this is what I did with them, stamped in bleach and black versa fine ink.

Purple and turquoise brusho on the tags.

Stamping with TH and Paper Bag Studio images, colour removed from the eye with bleach.

Love how the bleach showed on some of the purple splodges. Went backin with the bleach and removed the colour off the face and hands.

Another couple of background mop ups with the brusho.

The left is a tag I painted with silks last weekend, but I wanted to find out how they stamped on, and they are fabulous.  Other 2 are brusho and bleach backgrounds.

And again I went back in and took some colour from her eyes and legs.

And finally for this post, the background for the tags middle and left are created from the excess paint from the deli papers and simply stamped with LP & TH images. Tag on the right is some sort of bondaweb with a fabric texture as I painted brusho onto it and ironed it onto a tag. The ink looks dull as it soaked into the fabric.

This is the tag once it was ironed on.

And I'm sure you'll be pleased to know, that's it for today.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Deli Paper Prints

Darcy very kindly sent me some USA large sheets of deli paper. It'd been wanting some for ages to try out something that Patti Tolley Parrish did a few months ago on a UStream which you can see here.

I stamped onto them, this one is white and gold circles.

There is a shimmer in the Pebeo paints, but I'm not sure if you can see it here.

More white and gold circles or parts of.

Again with a shimmer in the background paint.

This one had gold and silver printed images.

Silver and white stamped images by Ellen Vargo and N Studio Stampendous.

Now you can see the shimmer in the pained background on this one, it's just how the light's caught it.

And finally I stamped in black paint using images from Hero Arts grunge and graffiti sets and a couple more odds ones.

Haven't decided what to do with them next, but when I do, I'll let you know!!!

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Craft Extravaganza.......

The lovely Darcy very kindly sent me some fab pieces of proper USA deli paper as I was longing to try out something that Patti Tolley Parrish did on a Ustream a few months ago.

Next I started to stamp images onto tags and piece of card that I'd made the previous day using brushos, bleach, bondaweb and some of the samples we did last week at the workshop, but mainly I thought I'd show you that I can actually make a mess!!

Here are some of the finished pieces. Well when I say finished, they still need fibres and some embellies.

And for the last couple of hours I got my melt pot out and set some metal pieces into melted UTEE using Ranger frames.

I'm going to pick a few pieces out and show them to you in more detail over the next few days if anyone is interested.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Fabric Tags

From these......

To these.

I coloured the backgrounds with a wash of LB's 1st special edition of paints, seaweed, tikka, chutney and chartreuse. Stencilled through with snowflake, bumped and added another wash. More stencilling and stamping.

This is one of the techniques we did at the workshop last week and I really enjoyed it. Love how the fabric has totally changed colour.

Friday, 29 August 2014


I was asked by Neet if I would like to make a few projects for Artful Times. The theme for this fortnight is a house shaped card.

I used the TH Sizzix Townscape on the edge die to create the house shapes and also cut a piece out of brick paper.  The word is from word chain #5 by Clarity stamps.

Hope you'll find the time to join in.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Purple and Turquoise Brushos

Again, not overly impressed with the background.

But my bleach stamping has definitely improved, you can see the actual words.

Again not overly excited about the original background.

Love how the detail came out on the Dina heart, also used some Stampotique splats and a quote.


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