Friday, 20 October 2017

Mini Journalling Workshop with Kate Crane

Today I went to the mini journalling workshop at Art from the Heart taken by the lovely Kate Crane.

Other end of the table.

Gesso'd and when dry Dina paint mixed with a bit of white. Finger painting. We were creating the background. We added more colours until the background was covered.

Stencilled and marks made and Kate very kindly lent me her white gel pen to hi-light areas. We had some mini collage sheets which you can just see bottom right, which I started to cut out.

After lunch we started on the black card which had been covered with white gesso, but we left some parts of it black.

This time we used Dylusion paints, but again finger painted it on to create the background in pretty much the same way as the first one.

This one is pinched from Kate, just to prove I was there!!

These are my backgrounds after stencilling and stamping. They still need some doodling on them. Everyone was using the new Carabelle stamps but they were sort of flower and leaf orientated, so I chose not to use them, instead I wanted to use T!m paperdolls and was going to do them at home. But Kate very kindly found me some, I think you can just see some heads at the bottom of the photo!

When I got home, I cut out some more collage pieces and I think I am going to go with something like the above. Nothing is glued down yet, so things may change!!

And these are the paperdolls. I swapped some of them as some of the ones I chose were a bit big. Again they are not glued down, because I still need to doodle on the backgrounds.

I will be back with my mini bag and journal when they are completed. Thanks again Kate for a lovely day.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Moulds and Air Dry Clay

So then, this is what I've been doing this morning. I've been playing with my new Artyco moulds and some others that I needed to stock up on.

These are the mummy's and they have come out fabulous, so much detail, all those bandages!

And this is one of the smaller wings of the two on the large set. Again, the detail is fabulous and they are so easy to get out of the moulds.

And the medium sized skull, can't wait to use this one.

This is the largest and second largest butterfly on the plate of four, and wow, again the detail is so impressive.

Another close up of the mummy's, you can see how their arms are cross over - just brilliant. Would love to get this in a bigger size too.

And the cogs are so crisp, they have come out brilliantly.

These are the larger wings of the large wings set.

Now I have to tell you, I really didn't think this butterfly was going to work. It looks so delicate on the mould and just look, it came out perfect yet again. I'm very impressed.

And top right are the really tiny ones, you can tell how tiny they are as each of the squares are 1cm and it only just covers a square.

If you like what you see, go and pay a visit to Artyco, they have a huge range of moulds at extremely reasonable prices and P&P is free with no minimum spend. They also welcome trade enquiries too. Please tell them I sent you over there if you place an order.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Mini Die Passport Book by Eileen Hull

Chris kindly sent me the pieces from the Eileen Hull, Passport Book die cut to make like a mini journal. She also sent assembly instructions too, which was very helpful!

 I thought I'd crack open my new to me DecoArt premium acrylic paints.

Then I used them to create the backgrounds for the inside pages and the cover.

And these are the other sides. The bottom two pages were black, so it's covered them pretty well.

Then I got some bits and bobs out to make some marks with the black paint. I used the white from the DecoArt chalky range. I didn't get the white or buff in the premium range - yet!

So I did a bit of stenciling and mark making to further decorate the pages and covers.

And this is my front cover with my favourite stamp of all time on the front, even though I don't own him yet, but I'm still trying to get my hands on him.

And this is the back cover.

A couple of the inside pages.

And a couple more.

These are the middle middle pages.

And a couple more.

And another couple.

The inside cover and the first page.

The view from the top.

And finally the front and back covers and the spine.

New Moulds

Oooh look what I got today. These are my 'free' moulds from ArtyCo in exchange for a trade recommendation as they are trying to get into retail outlets, well they are now for sale in Ireland!! Anyone can buy directly from them from their website, and P&P is free for a retail order with no minimum spend. They are looking for trades to take their moulds on board, so if you know anyone, get them to check it out and mention your name.

And these are the backs, so you all know what I'll be doing over the next few days. I really can't stress enough how well made and robust these moulds are, they are made from a good quality silicone and are really flexible which helps when getting the clay out. Go check out their website here and don't forget to tell them I sent ya!!

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Eco Print Workshop

Today I attended an Eco Print workshop with the lovely Joelle Harris and I had no idea what to expect.

This is the other side of the table. I sat in about the middle.

Ready for our very first experiment on linen with a cotton iron blanket.

First thing to do was to choose some foliage and greenery.

This was one that Joelle had made earlier and was explaining how the leaves work differently and give different effects.

Then we had a go, so I placed my leaves and onion skins on the dampened linen (spritzed with half white vinegar/water mix). 

A piece of cotton was then placed into the iron rust mixture (things that will rust ie nails, placed in water and left for two weeks) to act as a blanket and then everything was rolled around a dowel and tied tightly with string.

As one of the ladies had to leave early, Joelle had us all chose something to put on the silk scarf and then she demonstrated it as above.

She proceeded to fold it and wrap it ready to roll and tie tightly around the dowel.

Our next experiment was on a piece of silk.

This is the linen piece after it's come out of the steamer for 20 minutes and been left to cool down.

The next fabric we played with was a piece of cotton which had a light blue tinge to it.

Claire who was to my right decided to lay her cotton layer out in a symmetrical pattern.

Karen and Sue at the other end of the table again on their cotton layers.

Linen layer started to be unrolled.

On the left is the cotton blanket and the right is the linen layer (I think!!). It's a bit like the gelli plate, often the ghost print is better than the original. 

This is the silk one unrolled after being steamed and cooled. It had been wrapped around a piece of rusty metal as opposed to a dowel.

This is the cotton blanket from the silk print.

And this is the piece of silk fabric.

This is the blue tinged cotton fabric with a cotton blanket after it has been steamed for 20 minutes and is just cooling down.

And the unveiling of the blue tinged cotton.

And the print on the blue cotton tinge.

And the cotton blanket from the blue cotton tinge wrap.

Everyone working away whilst I went to check the steamer. We then broke for a spot of lunch.

After lunch we went for it with the 'proper' silk scarf!! This was some of the reason for all of our experiments because some of the items work better than others. Some leave a print and some just leave colour, some leave both and some leave nothing, it's just a case of trying and seeing what you get.

This was Pam's who was opposite me, she decided to use a light blue coloured silk scarf.

You can just see Janet taking a photo of her masterpiece and Claire already has her iron blanket over her scarf and next to Claire's is Sharrons.

And at the other end of the table L-R, Coleen, Sue and Karen and their silk scarves.

Teamwork, Heather helping Pam out whilst she rolls and wraps.

And for our last expermient we used a piece of wool fabric. It's a bit like felt but much thicker and more robust.

Silk scarf unwrapped and reveiled. The top is the silk scarf, the impressions came out very subtle indeed. The iron blanket is at the bottom and I was very impressed with this print. Wonderful images with lots of intricate detail and great, strong colours.

The woollen price of fabric cooling down after being steamed.

The left is the woollen fabric and the right is the iron blanket. This is the only print where I actually like the original better that the blanket piece!!

Had an absolutely fab day, was amazed how much we produced and I love all the pieces I created. 

A huge thank you to Sharron for the organising and Joelle for the teaching.

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