Sunday, 15 January 2017

Layers and more layers

I couldn't even begin to tell you how many layers this piece of card has taken, I simply just kept going until I liked what I saw. There is brayering, stenciling, stamping and I must have used about twelve different colours and varieties of paint from the DecoArt range. I had some of Seth dies already cut, so grabbed a handful and started to place them on the background, as this is what I ended up with, which incidently was nothing like what it started out as! Finally I added the black words and 'X's. 

I'm sat looking at this photo and I'm thinking that something needs to added to the space at the bottom between the two sets of 'x's. I may go back in and add another word in black.

Little Book of Wonder

I'm involved in a swap over on a Facebook group and the criteria was for it to be no larger than 4" x 4" with a maximum of 12 pages / signatures, decorated in whatever medium you fancy or how you like, with quotes on at least half of the amount of pages you have in your book.

All the quotes are stamped in a coloured stazon.

The pages were painted with DecoArt multi satin paints and stamped in co-ordinating colour of stazon inks.

Also included are some images including ones from Teesha Moore.

I used DecoArt chalky black and white paint with lid tops and a credit card to make the marks.

These images are from the Crowabout pages.

This quote is from Stampotique.

This quote is also from Stampotique.

Seth Apter and Andy Skinner stamps used in the backgrounds.

Another Stampotique quote.

And I thought I'd add my name to the back page.

I added a piece of ribbon as a closure for the book.

I hope my swap partner likes it, I had fun making it.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Postcard Swap

Made this for a postcard swap I'm in over on UKStampers FB group. This is the first swap on this new group and the theme is 'anything goes'.

And as it has to go through the post 'naked' I tried to make it more postcardish on the back.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

A Right Pair

Had a play with a couple of tags and love how they came out. I have no idea how many layers there are as I just kept going until I was happy with what I had. I did challenge myself though to only use the three primary colours from the DecoArt media range, Primary Magenta, Primary Cyan and Primary Yellow. However, I did also end up using everlasting from the chalky finish range.

I also used black gesso to stencil in the skull and the word.

And I flipped the stencil over and used black gesso to stencil through.

Close up of the layers and the stenciling and the stamping.

You can see from this close up all the different colours that came through from only using the three primary colours. I also slightly bumped the stencil to get a shadow.

Again more of the stamping and stenciling. I outlined the letters in black pen.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Little Miss Glitter Berry

After we'd finally finished off the meat, pork pie, salad stuff, pigs in blankets and cheese, all washed down with a glitter berry J2O the bottle was calling to me sat on the side on its lonesome.

So I made a head and body from wire, tinfoil and masking tape.

I covered the main of the body with t-shirt fabric and black Powertex and left it to dry over night.

After mixing black and red Powertex together which came out a lovely burgundy / deep wine colour, I set about decorating her with individual squares of fabric.

Once dry I used DecoArt dazzling metallics in berry, purple pearl, teal and amethyst to colour her. I wanted her to be more than dry brushed so was a bit more heavier with the paint. I painted her face with black Powertex.

I covered the coloured materials in transparent Powertex and gave her a hat, scarf and waistband.

I'm hoping you can see the colours I've added to the skirt section.

And from the side, again hoping the colours show up.

A few photos from different angles in the garden this morning whilst the sun was out.

Friday, 30 December 2016

Jigsaw Piece

Had another little play, this time with a chipboard jigsaw piece which measures approx 4". 

Added salt to a paint wash to get the pitted effect.

Added texture sand paste to get a rust effect, except I wanted it more of a white rust than an orange rust.

And here I did want a rusty orangey rust effect.

Just a bit of a play and an experiment with different colours.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Layers and Layers & Layers and Layers!!!

I can't even begin to tell you how many layers there are on this canvas as I just kept adding more and more layers of paint amongst some stamping and stenciling. Once I'd decided the background was finished, I added brighter coloured paints to the Seth Apter die cut shapes.

That's Crafty have any anything goes theme this week.

Monday, 26 December 2016

Be Happy - Dance

Had a play this morning with a new to me skeleton stencil and an mdf upright. Painted the background white, then stenciled over in black, had to do a bit of touching up as some seeped through, but it was fine. Stenciled black modeling paste through another stencil for the be happy words and stamped the dance in black stazon.

Painted the base black and using white modeling paste ran through a script stencil.

I stamped over the top and bottom panels so it didn't look so bare.

Being as the uprights are from That's Crafty I'm entering into their anything goes challenge.

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Remember This???

Remember my little experiment with the different pigments and varnishes on the Powertex goblin house, well here it is still in its original spot in the garden 3 months later. It's weathered torrential rain, frost, drizzle, wind, sleet and sun and probably a lot lot more.

And I have to say, it's still as good as the day it went out there.

The colours are still as vibrant as they were before it was put outside.

All the pieces of lace etc have kept their shape.

And the clay figure heads which were covered in Powertex and coloured in pigment have stood up to the test very well too.

I shall put it back in the shrubbery and check on it again in another 3 months. But I am impressed with how everything has stood up to the elements and can safely say that all pigments and varnishes used in original post are weather proof. You can see the original post here where all the different products are listed.

Rust Powder Canvas

Started off by pouring some ivory Powertex onto a 10 x 8 inch canvas, spreading it around and then adding in some medium sand balls and leaving to dry.

I also decided to add some string to the background before it dried. I mixed rusting powder (thank you Lesley) in with ivory Powertex, sand and a spritz of a 50/50 mix of lemon juice and water to make a paste.

Once the above mix was spread onto the canvas I then spritzed it with the lemon/water mix until it was literally saturated in it! You can use white vinegar too, but I didn't have any.

It started to rust immediately in some places, but I just kept wetting it with the spray.

You can see how wet it is bottom left and it's also pooled in the dips.

This was after it had been in the airing cupboard for about 12 hours.

Next I covered the whole of the outside with white media modeling paste and left to dry, it was quite thick as I peaked it using a pallet knife.

This is it completely dried after about 24 hours.

Love how it cracked in some places especially where it met with the rust powder.

I painted the outside with relic and then treasure Decoart Chalky Finish paints.

Then played around with lots of other colours from the media range (quin gold, quin burnt orange, trans yellow oxide, trans red oxide, paynes grey and prussian blue hue) until I was happy with it.

Love how the paint has settled into the cracks.

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