Sunday, 2 August 2015

Stevenage Craft Show

Well what a lovely weekend we've just had. Emma and I traveled down to Stevenage on Saturday to attend the craft show on Sunday. So here we are, made a bee line for the PA stand, Em is chatting to Leandra and Lin is busy demoing already!!

This was at the very beginning of the show before the crowds poured in.

And another of the isles.

Then people arrived, this is Karen and Ali watching Lin, Jo is chatting in the background with Liz and Em is shopping.

Ali, Em and I were just enjoying a sit down and a drink as Debs walked by. It was fab to finally meet Debs in the flesh. I did have to check with Ali that it was her before we called her over - lol.

Then on our travels with Ali we caught up with Jo.

Lin had been at a wedding and was running a tad late, so we all sat down for another drink and waited for her to arrive. We were sat next to the 'peel offs' stand, yes they do still sell them. The lady on the table next to us produced a wad of them from her carrier bag.

So after a few choice comments, we challenged Jo to make something with peel offs, this is the stand and the above photo has ideas of how to use them on it.

Jo was up for the challenge, so off she went to see what they had.

And this is what she bought!!! She's said that she is going to make something with them by next weekend, and she's got lots of witnesses to that!!

Then finally Lin arrived, but we'll let her off as she brought chocolate muffins with her.

Everyone then sort of disappeared off home and there were only a few of us left. Our train was at 10 to 4 and the show closed at 4, so here we are again, propping up the PA stand. Lin was making a demo piece for Em.

And Leandra made a demo piece for me, but she was on a mission as we had 25 minutes before we had to leave to get the train. The stamps used are all from the new Hot Picks plate 1504. I love that main image and asked if it can be made into a mini.

And this is what I bought.

It's a lovely little show and I would say it's on par with Donny Dome for those of you up north.

Thanks everyone for a lovely day xxx

Atc's using LP & Teesha Techniques

This is a pre-scheduled post as I am at Stevenage craft show at present and most of the recipients will have already had their atcs. So using the techniques we played with on the James weekend I made some atcs and a holder to put them in for everyone who went on the workshop. 

So I created a border using bits brought home from James's weekend. I was lucky enough to pick up some glossy mags from the local charity shop, so created the faces.

Border and image outlined in black pen and white dots added with white posca pen.

You can see them better on this one, on the red background.

For these I cut out loads and loads of faces, it took me absolutely ages, then stuck them all on individually!!!

I then gave them a wash using Golden transparent high flow paints.

This is the one with the dioxazine purple hue.

And this one has the quniacrindone azo gold.

And the third one is a Lynne Perrella technique of putting down loads of different coloured squares, again this took ages and then to glue each one individually, 35 on each one!

The dots are hole punched shapes and the fibers are from stands of wool.

And the final set, backgrounds painted with Dylusions as I wanted them bright. Again using leftovers from the weekend, I chose 5 images that had been stamped onto fabric.

And was umming and arrring, but finally took the plunge and decided to sew them on. As you can see, I need more lessons on the corners - lol.

The word is just stuck on with glue.

This is quite a thick material, but still worked out okay with the sewing.

I think this was Chris's chosen stamp which I kept borrowing!

And finally, this was my chosen stamp.

Then I set to and made some little book style holders. Each one holds 4 atc's.

This is the two outside pages with a couple of atc's in.

And the inside pages of the holder.

Close up of the single outside page.

And a close up of one of the inside pages.

Stood up looking at the inside pages.

And stood up outside pages. 

I then decided to put them in a box using gelli plate prints. The boxes were made using the envelope punch board. As I was putting a fastening on the box I needed to know who's was who's so put their names on the front and a little image.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Last Two Art Journal Pages

More magazine pages used to create the border and the characters. Background is lime Dylusions paint. I also did a bit of doodling around the edges.

I added a couple of accessories, some writing and a few more doodles.

Border created with stamped images on various papers. The collage is stamped fabric images sewn together.

Close up of the sewn pieces of stamped fabric.

More close ups using the zig zag stitch.

I drew loads and loads of black circles to fill in the painted space and then put a white dot in the middle of each one.

Now I just have to make my covers so I can bind them and put my book together.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

A Couple More Art Journal Pages

For this one I created a very deep border using stamped images on paper and fabric and added 5 of the same main image and an odd one to the right.

And outlined everything with a black smudgy pencil.

Red Dylusions and then created a border using only words cut out from magazines.

Played around with some images.

Finally stuck everything down and then................

added some writing and some doodling. Whilst we were away at the James weekend we had various attempts at different styles of writing. I did the lower case non joined up for this one!


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