Sunday, 27 September 2015

Flip Flap Journal

This is the front cover of a journal I put together using six, 6 x 12 pieces of card, creating extra flaps. So the pages are 6 x 6 or 6 x 3 but the 6 x 3's create shutters over some of the 6 x 6 pages. I used brads and a piece of hemp cord as a closure.

This is the very first page you see when you open the cover. The inside of the flaps have been covered with a mask patterned card to hide the backs of the brads.

This is one of the 6 x 6 pages with it's two 6 x 3 shutters with borders and images.

The pages on the left are two 6 x 3 pages closed, so you are seeing the outsides and then another 6 x 6 page.

This one shows two 6 x 3 pages closed, a 6 x 6 page and another 6 x 3 page.

So the 6 x 6 page in the middle will be covered up with the 6 x 3 flaps either side.

Once all the pages and shutters had some sort of imagery on them I went back in and coloured all the backgrounds.

Added some stamping, doodling and low and behold, some writing!

Also added some pre-printed text to some of the pages too. 

I just love how the page on the left came out. The two pages on the right form the shutters to the 6 x 6 page underneath it.

And another 6 x 6 with a 6 x 3 flap each side. There are more pages as there 21 in total, but I didn't want to bore you too much!!

And finally an aerial view so you can see how the shutters fold in.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Journal Pages

I used a mix of magazine and printed images for these two pages.

Coloured the backgrounds with pan pastels.

Added doodling with coloured pens and pencils and went in search for some words.

Couldn't find any words but added a bit more doodling to the right page.

You never know, I might find some words one day.

And actually finish these pages - lol.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Tag Swap - Resist

I decided to use Andy Skinners technique using hair wax to create a resist. You can see it here. I cut a tag shape from a piece of white foam board and painted with media transparent yellow iron oxide and made the circles by dipping surgical spirits into the paint.

When dry I gave it a coat of media quinacridone burnt orange and whilst still wet, threw on some easy float solution. Placed plain paper over the top and lifted off the paint when the easy float had been.

Next I stamped images in black stazon. I love how it looks at this stage, but I had to continue as I'd not used any resist techniques yet!

Next I used the wax and a coat of purrisan blue hue. Looking back, I should have used a lighter blue, but hey ho!

Wiped back using the hair wax as the resist and I ended up with this.

More hair wax and then a layer of the multi surface satin paint in leprechaun.

And again, after it'd been wiped back but wax added ready for the next coat.

A coat of lace chalky paint and left to let completely dry.

I inked up my Hampton Art script stamp with stazon and stamped over the whole tag.

This is the final result after all the layers and waxing.

As I felt I'd 'lost' the main dragonfly image, I over stamped it and added a couple of bits of script over the green to break up the solid colour.

And for my second resist technique I used bondaweb. Sprayed the tag with orange media mister, ironed on the bondaweb, covered it with clear embossing powder and heated. Then sprayed it with violet shimmer.

You can see the shimmer here, especially on the left hand side.

As you can see because the bondaweb isn't solid, the violet has gone into the pitted areas but resisted where the embossing powder has melted.

Close up of the melted embossing powder and the media sprays.

And another one.

As I didn't want to cover too much of the background up, I cut out an image that had been stamped onto fabric and using the sewing machine sewed it onto the tag and doodled around the outside of the tag with a white posca pen.

Close up of the stitched image on the tag.

All products are from the DecoArt range.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Another Collage Page

Added lots of collage images to these two pages including my little people.

I coloured the backgrounds for both pages with pan pastels building up the colours.

Then doodling added. Want to add some words to the left page, just waiting for inspiration.

Not sure that I really want to do any more to this page, quite like it how it is.

Love how the doodling came out on this page. I want to fill the space around the main image with lots of words when I find the right ones!

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Building up a Page

First of all I added some collage pieces to the blank pages.

Next some colour was added. Left page is pens and coloured pencils, right page is portfolio pastels.

Lots more doodling and I really didn't like the border on the left page, so covered it with more collage pieces.

Close up of the blue page, doodling, dots, pencil work etc. I may go back in later and add some words to this, but still thinking about it.

Close up of the left hand page which I am now pleased with after adding a border, triangles and circles!!

Friday, 18 September 2015

Atc Swap - Resist

For my resist technique this time I used a candle and rubbed it over a piece of baking paper, scrunched it up, uncrumpled it, laid the atc over the baking paper wax side up, and ironed. Wasn't sure if anything would happen, but some of the wax transferred onto the card. I used ripe permission and mustard seed distress inks to colour the atc.

Then I stamped a new to me image which I picked up a couple of weeks ago, in black stazon and added a few washi tape images.

For technique #2, I gesso'd a wooden heart and added a thick layer of media clear crackle.

Once totally dry, covered with white antiquing cream which fell into the cracks and wiped the rest away.

I covered a piece of white card with black gesso, stamped a script image with versamark, added clear embossing powder and heated to create the resist.

Next I painted over it with DecoArt everlasting chalky finish paint and wiped away the access to reveal the embossed script.

Added a piece of washi tape along the bottom.

Then I attached the heart to the background.

I tried to capture this to show that the script is embossed and not just stamped on the background.

And a close up of the heart.

All products for this atc were from the DecoArt range.

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