Sunday, 30 March 2008

Lotstodo Week 2 Challenge

This is my item for the Lotstodo Week 2 challenge. The theme was 'A Matter of Time'. I decided to make a wall hanging. It's made from 2 circular beer mats stuck together, covered in clock papers. For the image, I stamped it a couple of times in different stazon colours, rusty brown and timber brown, onto white card and inked with ancient page distressed inks. Both images have been cut out and the second image I just used the 2 strips with the writing on 'It's just a matter of time'. Glued a clock face over the stamped face on the image and added the decoupaged stickers at the bottom.

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Distressed Fat Book Covers

As we have just completed a distressed fat page swap and I am now the proud owner of 20 distressed pages, I thought I ought to make myself some covers to put them all in, so here they are. They are covered with various Sir Tim papers, ripped and torn and a clip added to the bingo piece.

Monday, 24 March 2008

Lotstodo Wk 1 Challenge

This is a fat page that I made for the 'Lotstodo Week 1 Challenge' set by Andrea. The title of the challenge is 'from little acorns grow mighty oaks' and this had to be incorporated in the piece of art chosen - why I decided on a fat page I'm not sure, perhaps because I'd been doing them all day!!! Anyway this is my entry. If you would like to join in or just simply have a look, visit

Distressed Atc Swap

Finally managed to make some 'dstressed' atc's that I am happy with. They are for a swap on UKStampers Forum and been as I'm the host, I thought I best get them right!!!!

Saying / Proverb Swap

The challenge this time on Lotstodo was to produce a tag, atc and fat page with the same saying. Sir Tim's papers were used for the tag and fat page backgrounds and the atc was inked with peeled paint distressed ink and a torn piece of the same paper was added. The saying 'special moments are always remembered' is a hero arts stamp and was stamped with timber brown stazon. Embellishments were added to the tag.

Distressed Fat Pages

Last set of distressed pages for the challenge on Lotstodo. It was a marathon and seemed never ending, 20 to do in the end, but I got there!!!!

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Gothic Arches

We are having a gothic arches challenge on Lotstodo forum and the only criteria was 'wings'


Made these for a distressed swap, but they didn't look that distressed to me, so I've started again!!!!!

Distressed Book Marks

Distressed bookmarks for a challenge on lotstodo

Distressed Fat Pages

Some distressed fat pages for another challenge on the lotstodo forum. The backgrounds were inked with distressed inks but were applied with a babywipe. Images stamped with stazon inks and some embellishments added - still have more to do!!!!!

9 x 2" x 2" Squares

Here we have 9 x 2"x2" squares from mountboard for a challenge on lotstodo forum. I inked the whole piece using peeled paint, marmalade and mustard distressed inks, then cut them into the squares. Stamped the backgrounds and images using timber brown, jet black, rusty brown and forest green stazon and added embellishments to a few of them - the theme was spring colours

Easter Snowy Sunday

This was what we woke up to this morning (about 6am)

So we just had to get up and take Fraz out!!!

Monday, 17 March 2008


And just to prove that we were really there!!!!

Snow & Trees

Snow and tree shots

Ice Carvings & The Chateau

Top 3 are ice sculptures in front of the Chateau and the very bottom is Chateau Lake Louise and all the snow you can see in front of it, is actually the lake, but it gets that cold there that you can walk right out onto it and they have a couple of skating rinks on there too!!!

Holiday Photos

Some photos of our holiday - top left the Bow River, top right one of the ski resorts, bottom left Bow River again and bottom right, an elk wondering down the street where we were staying!!

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