Monday, 24 April 2017

Indian Tag Book Part 2

The next thing to do was to put a backing on the tags using another piece of farbric.

And the same on the small tags.

Next was to sandwich the tag between the fabrics with the sewing machine - easier said than done, as you can see I went wonky and too wide down the right, but hey ho!

Having sewn around all the little ones first, I did get a bit better by the time I got to the big ones!

The next step was to add the couching to the edges. I have done this before, but looking back it was about 7 years ago!! 

Once they were done I cut them out. I'm sure I could have got closer to the couching but I left a bit of a gap as I didn't want to cut into it by mistake and have it fall off!! 

As you can see, I left some of the fabric pieces hanging over.

And here they are with their images on all blinged up (well not too much!).

And here are the little tags to go with them.

And finally all of the together.

I haven't quite decided how I am going to display them yet.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Indian Tag Book

Today I was lucky enough to go to a workshop not far from me near Lincoln at a place called Needle and Thread.

It's an absolutely fabulous venue with perfect views.

And fortunately for us, it was a gorgeous day.

More green fields, trees and a lovely blue sky.

This is where the workshops are held, there are two rooms.

The workshop was taken by Angie Hughes, a textiles artist who is absolutely lovely and so down to earth as well as being a fantastic teacher.

So this is sort of what we were aiming for by the end of the session.

This is Angie giving us some instruction before we start.

And getting enthusiastic about it all!!

So off we went to choose some fabric for the front of our tags.

Next some instruction on how to use the sewing maching and a quick demo.

And Emma having a close up look!

Collecting bits of fabric, some stamping, images, sari ribbon and foil to start to build up the tags.

Layering the bits and bobs to build up the tags.

As you can see, there was plenty of stuff to choose from and play with.

11am was coffee / tea and cake time. Top one is strawberry and the bottom one is tahini and dark chocolate.

The lovely lady on the right stood up is Jan. She kept us supplied with teas and coffees all day.

And this is Angie sat in my chair next to Emma, sewing some metalic thread around a circle for me on one of my tags!

And this is Sally, the lady who organises it all. Behind her there is an embroidery class going on.

I will be back at some point to show you my finished tags, once I've finished them!!!

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Own Your Dreams

This is the smallest of the huge tags that Lesley sourced for us. It measures approx 5 1/2" x 10". I put some modeling paste through a 12 x 12 stencil and let it dry.

Gave it a coat of tinting base.

Added a layer of dark grey media paint and wiped back and then a layer of medium grey media paint and wiped back.

For the next layer I used rouge chalky finish paint, wiped back and dried and then did the same but with the romance which is a richer red than the rouge.

I lightly dabbed through my stencil with white chalky paint just to get the outline, then I went back in and blocked it all out in the same white.

Placed the stencil back on and stippled through with black gesso. As you can see I missed the top part of her head on the right hand side, but it still looks okay.

I decided to fill the cart in white too and added black gesso to the outer edge of the tag.

Close up of the bottom of the tag

And the modeling paste through the stencil.

I stamped this TH quote in carbon black media paint.

And once dry, outlined it with a white sharpie pen.

I took inspiration for this tag from a blog post by Mark Gould on the DecoArt mixed media blog which you can see here. All products used are from the DecoArt range.


It's now finally finished, I had to go back and put the white around the rest of her face as it was bugging me. I re-did the left hand, touched up a few other bits and put black around the tag hole.

Powertex Vase

When my sister saw the vase I made for my mum at Christmas she asked me to do one for her too. Last week the car boots started and I popped along and picked up this square ceramic vase for £1.

Not sure you can see that well, but as it was ceramic I covered it in masking tape for the fabric to have something to grab onto.

Strips of t-shirt fabric were dipped into black Powertex and adhered to the vase with lots of ruffles to create lots and lots of texture.

After a couple of hours it was touch dry so I roughly placed the other fabrics I wanted to use.

Powertexed the fabrics and added lots of clay flowers. 

This is now over 48 hours dry and everything is solidly in place.

And from a different angle.

White pigment dry brushed all over.

I didn't do so much on the band of lace around the top.

Next came the rich gold and bronze gold pigments.

And I just kept applying until I was happy with what I had.

I added quite a bit of pigment to the lace around the top and as you can see it's darker due to there being no white applied first.

It just has to cure for three weeks before it can be filled with water and flowers.

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