Saturday, 22 April 2017

Powertex Vase

When my sister saw the vase I made for my mum at Christmas she asked me to do one for her too. Last week the car boots started and I popped along and picked up this square ceramic vase for £1.

Not sure you can see that well, but as it was ceramic I covered it in masking tape for the fabric to have something to grab onto.

Strips of t-shirt fabric were dipped into black Powertex and adhered to the vase with lots of ruffles to create lots and lots of texture.

After a couple of hours it was touch dry so I roughly placed the other fabrics I wanted to use.

Powertexed the fabrics and added lots of clay flowers. 

This is now over 48 hours dry and everything is solidly in place.

And from a different angle.

White pigment dry brushed all over.

I didn't do so much on the band of lace around the top.

Next came the rich gold and bronze gold pigments.

And I just kept applying until I was happy with what I had.

I added quite a bit of pigment to the lace around the top and as you can see it's darker due to there being no white applied first.

It just has to cure for three weeks before it can be filled with water and flowers.


chrissie said...

Such a transformation Sam..from the ordinary to the amazing. Brilliant

Love Chrissie xx

butterfly said...

Magical - I missed the one for your Mum at Christmas, but if this is anything to go by it was gorgeous too! Love all the little flowers studded into the texture, and the dry-brushed layers are so much fun to watch in progress.
Alison x

craftytrog said...

Amazing transformation! xxx

Helen said...

I love this, and your sister will too. and so fabulous that she can actually use it too. brilliant!

craftimamma said...

Another lovely Powertex piece Sam. Don't you just love it when you remember all those vases you've taken to the charity shop that would have been perfect for this, lol!

Lesley Xx

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