Monday, 24 April 2017

Indian Tag Book Part 2

The next thing to do was to put a backing on the tags using another piece of farbric.

And the same on the small tags.

Next was to sandwich the tag between the fabrics with the sewing machine - easier said than done, as you can see I went wonky and too wide down the right, but hey ho!

Having sewn around all the little ones first, I did get a bit better by the time I got to the big ones!

The next step was to add the couching to the edges. I have done this before, but looking back it was about 7 years ago!! 

Once they were done I cut them out. I'm sure I could have got closer to the couching but I left a bit of a gap as I didn't want to cut into it by mistake and have it fall off!! 

As you can see, I left some of the fabric pieces hanging over.

And here they are with their images on all blinged up (well not too much!).

And here are the little tags to go with them.

And finally all of them together.

I haven't quite decided how I am going to display them yet.


craftimamma said...

Wow Sam, they are very impressive and looks like a lot of work. There's definitely a flavour of India and it looks like you had great fun.

Lesley Xx

craftytrog said...

Fantastic!!! Looks like it was a great class Sam! xx

Helen said...

you're way less wonky than I would be! can't remember the last time I tried to use a sewing machine. Glad you enjoyed it - it certainly sounds loads of fun and I love the tags you ended up with.

chrissie said...

These are wonderful Sam with so much beauty and individuality. You always do something great with what you learn

Love Cheissie xx

Sue said...

These are really lovely Sam xx

Sandy said...

You are so dog gone good Am - these tags are so creative and really quite beautiful!!
Sandy xx

Kirsten said...

They're gorgeous!

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