Saturday, 1 April 2017

Media Board with Dina Wakley

Earlier in the week I saw a workshop pop up on Facebook, so I decided to treat myself.

I took a workshop today at Art from the Heart with Dina Wakley. It was so much fun, she really is wacky but so lovely with it.

As most of you who know me will know, I really don't get journaling which is why I chose this workshop over the others, as we were using media board as the substrate.

And all back to the front for a demo on how to use the scribble crayons.

Stamped images coloured with acrylic paint and scribble crayons.

These are the two lovely ladies I kept company with all day, on the left Lynda from Watford and on the right, Sue from Wigan.

Then another demo on how to construct the book using washing tape. I fell in love with the scribble tape but unfortunately they'd sold out in the shop.

So this is my completed book.

The inside housing the tags.

The two tags in the middle creating the main image.

And the book opened up with the left and right tags folded back.

And finally the back cover. This was this mornings project.

The first of the afternoons projects was a box, with or without a lid, again constructed from the media board. We also had to make our own washi tape for this one.

After a few more steps that I didn't get any photos of we ended up with a box.

I decided to go with the bottom and a lid for mine, so this is the top.

And just to prove that is does actually stand up!

And this was the third project, but we started it first after lunch and then had to wait for the paint scribble to dry before we could add the black.

And I was very good, this is all I bought. I would have got more but apparently most of the order that arrived on Friday was missing!!

And another sort of surprise when I arrived back home, however it turned to disappointment when I opened them to find only nine of the twelve colours that I ordered way back in January, even though there was in invoice in the envelope for all of them!!!!


Helen said...

what a fab, fun looking workshop! you were very restrained in the shop.

they really haven't done very well with their Oxide orders have, they, mine are finally supposedly on the way - wonder if I'll get all 4!!

Chris Cresswell said...

I can't see the text but I can see the pics clearly. They're great. You obviously had fun with all the faces!

Miriam said...

Looks like you had a fabulous day Sam... Lovely project

Sue said...

These are fab makes Sam, it looks like a fun workshop. Good luck with getting your oxide order sorted out xx

Kirsten said...

I'm turning a lovely shade of green here Sam, what a wonderful day you've had? Your projects look amazing. Such a disappointment re the Oxides, hope you can get it sorted quickly.

Sandy said...

I am pea green with envy - I would have love to have taken this workshop!
Sandy xx

craftytrog said...

Looks like a great class Sam! A shame we missed each other by a day! xx

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