Monday, 17 April 2017

Fairy House

I've been on the hunt for a while for a nicely shaped glass jar and at last I found one.

Covered the bits I wanted to cover in fabric with masking tape leaving lots of areas open. I also created a roof using tinfoil and masking tape.

So this is how it started.

I added some clay hearts to the roof and a couple of half balls to the jar.

It was touch dry by now and I wanted to see how the roof fitted.

I felt the roof needed something else so I added more trim to the edge.

I also added more trim around this 'window'.

Everything is now thoroughly dry and ready for the pigment.

Firstly I used white pigment as it is meant to enhance the colours.

And from the other side.

I mixed the greeny turquoise and blue pigments with media varnish and dry brushed them on the hardened fabrics.

From a different angle.

Then the sun came out, so I popped outside and grabbed a few photos, as to me, this shows the more natural colours.

I love the way you can see through the 'windows'.


Helen said...

ooh this is gorgeous Sam, love how the white helps the colour!

Evil Edna said...

This is wonderful!

chrissie said...

So pleased to see you doing another of your amazing creations Sam. This is so beautiful

Love Chrissie xx

Sandy said...

Now who doesn't love a fairy house - Fabulous creation!!
Sandy xx

Corrie Herriman said...

How fabulous !
Corrie x

Etsuko Noguchi said...

This is so Fantastic and good idea of the window. I'm feeling how much you love the Powertex! xx

butterfly said...

Love, love, love this - been thinking of trying out the odd fairy house for ages (got some rather lovely ceramic mushrooms at a pound shop about two years ago with that in mind) and I've still not managed to get round to it! Thanks for the nudge of inspiration... now I just need ten extra hours in every day.
Alison x

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