Sunday, 9 April 2017

Another Oxides Play

So this morning saw me have another play with the oxides to see what else I could do with them. I created stripes using a paintbrush here. On the left is white cardstock and on the right is kraft cardstock.

I used them on glossy card too, it really sucked the colours out!

And yesterday my friend Helen told me that she'd been at a make and take and they'd stamped with water and got a good impression. She told me to really wet the stamp, hold it in place for a while and then blot it, which I did above, but again for me, it didn't work. However, it may be the type of card I used, so I won't give up yet!

For this one I used the blending tool and went direct from ink pad to card, spritzed the card and dried and as I was wafting the heat gun I kept adding more sprays of water. I went back in and added some broken china to the faded jeans, peeled paint and iced spruce.

I used a paintbrush to place the colours on this piece of card, it's much more controlable especially if you need to have certain colours in certain places. I dried before adding the next colour.

I wanted to see how they stamped with a detailed stamp and how they also stamped on kraft card. I used the red oxide and stamped onto watercolour card and then twice onto the kraft card. 

I spritzed the right image very lightly with water from quite a distance and then dried it. It's sort of given it an embossed look. Not sure if you can see the difference between them in this photo.

I used the ink blending tool for this background, I gave it a spritz and love how it came out, this is onto watercolour card. As I liked it so much I didn't add any further layers. I tried spritzing the stamp heavily with water again to remove the ink and although it worked quite well, you couldn't make out the image as I'm guessing it was too detailed. I just ended up with the outside edges, so I decided to over stamp it with the faded jeans and again not sure if you can see or not, but it looks like it's got a shadow around it. 

This is the stamp I used and once I'd stamped it above, I spritzed it and got three impressions.

I took the inkpads directly to the card for this one and didn't do anything else to it. I also left it to dry naturally. 

I again tried to do the stamping with the water spritzed stamp to remove the colour. You can sort of see here at the bottom that you can see the outside image but it's very faint. It just looks like a watermark.

And I don't even know if you will see this one, but I stamped the word unexplained right at the very top, again, it's very ghostly.

Still more play time needed!!!


Helen said...

at least you're having a good play! I wonder why they way we did it didn't work - we put the colour on the paper direct from the ink pad (Leandra said it was the Ranger cardstock, like in the Dylusions journals. not sure if that made the difference..not tried it again myself!) I do love the colours though, and as you say, they stamp so well!

Corrie Herriman said...

I think they are fabulous. I smoosh them on my craft sheet, wet them and dunk water colour paper into them.. works perfectly... I do love you samples too Sam !
Corrie x

chrissie said...

Always great to see how you experiment Sam

Love Chrissie xx

Sandy said...

Thank you so much Sam - I am saving your post for when I go to use my new oxides - I still don't have them yet - was told they would be delivered this week.
Sandy xx

craftimamma said...

Brilliant test runs Sam. I personally think these inks are really versatile. I fell out with Distress Inks a long time ago but these have really drawn me in.

Lesley Xx

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