Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Notebook for Chris

Yesterday was Chris's birthday and a while ago I made her this cute little notebook baring the Stampotique character Gibi.

This is the back.  I also managed to get the o wires on the right way round too!!!


Chris said...

And I love it! There's so much depth to the background with all the layers of ink/paint and isn't that image cute? lol

Thank you, Sam xx

Marianne said...

And it's pink !!??!! Love this booklet with the alphabet on the background and Gibi in front.
I think Chris will be happy :-)
xxx Marianne

Helen said...

Yes, the pink struck me too...! Love the notebook, and Gibi!

Carol Q said...

I'm not a pink girl but this looks lovely Sam. Lucky Chris!

butterfly said...

Fabulous background! And I love the Gibi image (getting sucked towards Stampotique at a rate of knots!!)...
Alison x

chrissies said...

I thought I had got lost when I saw the pink Sam but I think you are warming to it recently.

Love this little book and really like the way you bind your books with two lots instead of one--have made a note of that.

Love Chrissie xx

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