Friday, 1 February 2013

I Have Wings

This is Suzz's last technique to share over at the PaperArtsy blog.  I opted for the technique of the first atc as it was my favourite, so hop along and check it out here.

My pewter didn't crackle properly, I don't think I shook the bottle enough as it was a bit watery, but once you've put it on there's nothing you can do!!!  So I went over it with a bit of white.  But the baltic blue with the pewter underneath cracked beautifully as you can see from the panels on the left and the butterfly on his head.  I used the Ink and the Dog Wings #2 stamp plate.


Alison said...

Gorgeous!!! xxx

Suzanne C said...

Love your ATC. I think the white with blue crackle is beautiful. And that it didn't crackle on the first works well as it looks white washed! Beautiful!

Leandra Franich said...

Yes pewter is an odd animal. Settles. I had to stir up with coffee stick the other day for a while to get mine back in line. The Baltic on top looks ace. I think the metallics are better under. I'm thinking they are not thick enough as top coats on crack ITKWIM. But I shall experiment. I LOVE black on gold. Then glossed. Lush. Very Essex. Innit.

Marianne said...

Beautiful crackled!! Lovely blue colour. Thanks again for showing!

Deborah said...

Wonderful shabby blues!

Buttons said...

The crackle looks outstanding to me Sam. Love how you are playing in new ways everyday. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, hugs Jenny x

Gillian .... said...

Blues/Pewter always a winner for me.I like the different shades of blue achieved and the quote is perfect with the image. Thanks again for supporting and being inspired to play along. x

Sue said...

Love this Sam, I like the whitewashed effect, and the blue over the pewter is wonderful. Have a fab weekend xx


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