Sunday, 12 August 2018

Sandball Skull

After being introduced to the 'mucky mess' technique at the Garden Party and forgetting to pick some ingredients up at Pramoda Gifts, I ordered some!

I did this in stages as I didn't want to mix too much up in one go, especially in this heat.

I literally just used a pallet knife to 'spread' it over the polystyrene skull. I did 'paint' the area with black Powertex to help it to stick easier.

I cut a recess out the back and added in a skull.

Once the whole of the skull was covered, I left it outside to dry.

Then again, with no particular plan, I just started to gently add some colour. This took quite a while as I didn't want to put too much on too soon, or to get my brush too loaded and end up with an area that had a clump of colour.

From the side, I still wanted quite a bit of the black to show through.

I added some clear beads for eyes to the skull in the back of the head and mixed up some white pigment to hi-light the features.

Close up of the eyes, the left one as you look at it is a huge brad and the right one is a metal cog. I stuck them both in with transparent Powertex.

I hi-lighted some of the teeth with bronze gold pigment.

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