Sunday, 12 August 2018

Day of the Dead Skull

Having been to the Powertex Garden Party and Pramoda Gifts in the same week, and picking up some polystyrene skulls from the latter, I set to digging out some embellies and fabric possibilities.

I had some ivory and bronze Powertex left so I mixed them together just to give the polystyrene a coat. I started to add a few bits.

Building it up more and more.

Using the Powertex as a glue, I stuck everything down and set it outside to dry.

This is the back of the head.

And one of the sides.

 I waited until it was completely dry until I started to play around with colours.

No plan involved, I just kept adding colour until I liked what I'd got.

And again, from the side.

And the back of the head.

From the front and the eyes.

Now I just need to find somewhere to put him on display. 

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