Thursday, 6 October 2016

Powertex Vase

After seeking this vase out for £1 at the car boot, it needed the powertex treatment.

As it's quite shiny and slippery I covered it in masking tape.

I had some bronze open from another project so painted it with what was left.

And as I'm off this week, and mum and dad are away, so there is no danger of her turning up and seeing it, this was the perfect time to powertex it.

I used black powertex with strips of t-shirt material, created lots of ruffles, added some flowery lace around the top and dotted on some clay flowers.

This was it approx 48 hours after it had been left to dry.

Really pleased with the ruffles and the clay flowers have stuck solid which is perfect.

Next the really scary bit, adding white pigment so the metalics pop. I was a bit heavy handed in some places, but to be honest it just adds to the authenticity of it.

And one from the other side.

Then I added rich gold, bronze gold and a bit of red pigment until I was happy with what I had.

And again, a view from another side.

Then the sun popped out so I took a few photos in the garden.

And another one from the garden.

I'm really, really pleased with how this has ended up, been as it's my first big piece. I hope mum likes it as she's getting it for Christmas this year! 


craftimamma said...

It looks fabulous Sam & I'm positive your Mum will love it! How nice the sun came out just right to show off the pigments.

Lesley Xx

Helen said...

it's beautiful, Sam. I am sure your Mum will love it. Gorgeous ruffles.

craftytrog said...

Amazing transformation Sam! xxx

chrissie said...

An amazing transformation Sam

Love Chrissie xx

jojo79 said...

It is beautiful Sam, I am sure your mum will love it x

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