Sunday, 2 October 2016

Port Sunlight Happy Stampers - Part 2

After queuing for a few minutes in the drizzle, we finally got into the hall and the first person I walked into was Neet, who I haven't seen for ages, and who hadn't up to this point, actually met Helen.

Then Chris came and found us at the PaperArtsy stand, well where else really!!

It was quite busy, which was good for the retailers, but you just couldn't get in to see anything. We went off for a drink to a bar across the road.

When we came back, it had thinned out a bit.

Ali was demo-ing in the afternoon on the PaperArsty stand. She was using one of the really small gelli plates.

Lots of people stopped by to see what was going on.

This was the other side of the hall, again in the afternoon after it had calmed down a bit.

Chris deciding if she needs it or not - no contest there then - lol 

In the red and white stripey shirt is my mate Chris, not seen her for ages, was good to catch up.

Then we saw Claire who had come down with her mum.

Then we went back to the garden centre for a drink and a slice of cake (photo courtesy of Helen). Chris joined up too.

Back to the show and Lin and Emma back on the PaperArtsy stand.

Also stolen from Helen's blog!

And this is what I bought, not a lot I know, but I wanted some of the Seth dies and some other stamps, but unfortunately Leandra's order hadn't arrived, so she didn't have them.

And I hope Helen doesn't mind as I've pinched the photo she tweeted of us with Alison in the pub last night, as she was waiting on her own to be picked up by hubby, so I went and found her in the pub and invited her back to our table, and then her and hubby ended up eating with us too, which was great.

Then this morning after breakfast we made our way back to Liverpool Station and got our trains home. Lin and Helen went off to do a bit of sight seeing as they had a much later train than me and Emma.

Helen took some fabulous photos not only of the show but of Liverpool too which you can see here, here and here.


Helen said...

As you know, you are very welcome to nab the photo, I shall also be using it later!! A great day (despite the rain) and some good shopping even if not all you had hoped to get. Glad you got home safely; and hope to see you again soon.

craftimamma said...

Great report Sam! I always like it better later when its thinned out but still wouldnt miss out on the earlier part when i go. Really sorry i had to miss it this time especially as you guys were all there but glad you had such a good time.

Lesley Xx

Neet said...

It was good to see you, hadn't realised how much I miss you.
Hugs, Neet xx

craftytrog said...

Great photos sam! It was really good to see you all, and thanks for rescuing me in the pub! Lol!
Hope it isn't too long before we meet again.
Alison xxx

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