Thursday, 6 October 2016

Ghoul #2

As I had lots of black powertex left in my dish from the vase, I decided to make another ghoul. I haven't taken any photos before this stage, but if you would like to know how I got to this stage, check back here.

And this is he from the back. I used cotton scrim to wrap around this time.

This is after he has been left 48 hours to dry including being put in the airing cupboard.

And from the back after being left to dry.

I decided to use the green on the cotton scrim cape and red on the main body and the headgear.

And to bring out the colour a little bit more I decided to use the metallic gold pigment over the red to enhance it.

I also decided to put clear type crystal gems in the eye sockets.

And again the sun came out for a rare moment so I took advantage.


craftimamma said...

Halloween sorted! He looks brilliant.

Lesley Xx

Helen said...

I think it's great Sam! glad he dried enough for you to add the colours.

chrissie said...

Amazing yet again Sam--you will need to set up an exhibition soon of your wonderful pieces

Love Chrissie xx

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