Friday, 21 October 2016

Birthday Thanks

I had a few things to open this morning, these are my cards.

These are presents from Chris which she gave me at Port Sunny.

And she also gave me these from Linda too.

Fabulous cards from Alison, Neet, Chris Slater, Helen, Emma, Tracey, Chris Cresswell and Lesley. Thank you, they are fabulous and all so different.

And these are what was inside Chris's packages, the piggy money bank has skulls on it, looks pretty cool - thanks Chris, much appreciated.

And this is what was inside the packages from Linda R, love the pens and the yarns and fibres will be great to powertex, thanks Lin 

Two Seth stencils and a peg from Lin Shields which she got and gave to me at Port Sunny - thanks Lin, can't wait to use them stencils.

And this set of fab Seth stamps are from Lesley, again, can't wait to get stuck in and have a play - thanks Lesley, very kind and much appreciated.

The die and fab set of stamps and circle die, again designed by Seth, are from Emma. We were looking for them at Port Sunny, but unfortunately Leandra's order hadn't arrived, but we managed to find them elsewhere - thanks Em, can't wait.

This was also from Chris and Linda, Chris got it whilst at Port Sunny as she saw me buying the innies, this is the outies stencil, again designed by Seth - thanks Chris and Linda.

And finally I treated myself with some of the money I knew I'd be getting. Mum and sister obviously don't know what to buy in craft land, so I always end up getting something for myself.

So no need to ask what I'll be doing later after I've been out for lunch. As you can see, I've got lots of new Seth goodies to play with and as they all interlink with each other I really can't wait to have a play.

Thanks to everyone for the lovely cards and presents I've received and all the birthday messages on FB and twitter. They are very much appreciated and I have some lovely friends out there xxx


More lovely cards from Becky, Lin S, Hazel A and Linda Jones arrived this afternoon - thanks ladies, they are fabulous x

***Edited 22/10/16***

Another fabulous couple of cards arrived today from Linda R and Hazel H - thank you, love them both x The day of the dead car air freshener is from Lin too - thanks xx


chrissie said...

Looks like you were spoils Sam. Hope you had a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Helen said...

well spoiled Sam and putting them to use already I see! Happy Birthday!

Seth said...

So happy you were treated to so many different treasures. I look forward to seeing all the amazing art that comes as a result.

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Looks like you had a super birthday with all those creative goodies Sam and your most welcome for the card xx

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