Sunday, 2 October 2016

Port Sunlight Happy Stampers Weekend - Part 1

So when we arrived at Port Sunlight it was a gorgeous afternoon, so we decided to go for a wander after we'd called in at the garden centre for a well earned drink and slice of cake. So this is the art gallery which had a Picasso exhibition on, but it was just closing as we walked past.

Some of the beautiful houses in the village.

Emma and Lin in the village.

And one of the many greens in the village. It's so peaceful, clean and tidy.

And the place is littered with old red telephone boxes.

We all loved this house, I think it kind of looks like a fairy house.

And we decided that this was probably the local school in the day. It isn't any more as there is a working school opposite.

We walked through the paths on another of the greens and came up and over the bridge and Lin and Emma spied this gorgeous young black cat with cute white paws.

And it followed us right to the highest point on the wall on the top of the bridge.

Another line of the beautiful, yet completely different houses.

A close up of the detail over the tops of the windows.

Then we were back round to the beginning again. You can see all the vans lined up next to the hall setting up their stands inside for the show tomorrow. We did call in on the way out to say hi to Leandra and Mark.

Lin, Emma and Helen on the wall opposite the row of houses a couple of shots above.

Then Emma took the same shot with me in it just to prove I was there!

This is the hall where the show is held.

And the gang leaning on the post of the named hall.

Then we went back to the hotel restaurant, had a drink and some food, and then another drink!!

Part 2 to follow.......


chrissie said...

Looks like a great place to visit with friends and crafting Sam

Love Chrissie xx

Helen said...

Always a great weekend with you three, despite things that get thrown in the way! Fab pics. I've downloaded mine but may not get them written up tonight!

craftytrog said...

Lovely photos of Port Sunlight and the gang! xxx

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