Tuesday, 14 November 2017


Pat, a facebook friend, very kindly sent me a box of Merino wool that she no longer had a use for. Love all those neutral colours at the top. So with this in mind I decided to make a needle felting piece as the kitchen is a bit upside down at the moment, so it's a pain getting to the sink, which is what I need to be able to do for wet felting.

So here he is, my little snowman to go with my little santa. I watched the basic shapes living felt tutorial by Marie and I also downloaded the free pdf from their site too. 

I made the hat rim a little bit small, but that's because I didn't put enough wool down in the first place. It's amazing how much it shrinks, but that's something I'll get used to. 

I'm really pleased with how smooth I got everything though, which is no mean feat in itself.

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Helen said...

oh, Sam, he's fab!

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