Monday, 6 November 2017

Sample Wet Felting Piece

I've been watching a Youtube tutorial (from Living Felt) about adding silk and other fabrics into pieces of wool and felting them, so I decided to try it out and made a sample.

And this is the back. You can see one of the silk pieces bottom left and the other more or less in the centre.

This is a close up of the piece with the silk throws and the angelina fibre which is what gives the metalic effect.

This section has a piece of green cotton, two pieces of green silk, silk throws, bamboo fibres and silk throwsters waste. I have no idea what any of the latter are, I bought them from the Knit & Stitch show seven years ago but I wanted to see how they would felt.

And if you look very closely, top middle you can just see the piece of cotton. The very light green whisps on the left and the right is the bamboo fibres.

I learnt lots from making this sample piece. Mostly that I didn't put a big enough piece of fabric on and I used too much wool to pin it down with. It's also best to use contrasting colours. Also I didn't rub it enough to get some textures into the fabrics. But it was a very good exercise.

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