Saturday, 15 July 2017

Leather Shoes

I have to say I was more than slightly apprehensive about doing this. This is my right real leather (expensive) work shoe. Not sure if you can see or not, but the front is pretty scuffed up and they've started to look a bit tatty.

DecoArt have just brought out this new product called Patent Leather Paint and you can use it on leather to revive it. So here goes, to try it on my expensive leather shoes - yikes!!!

But OMGosh, WOW, what fantastic results so far. I left the small panel on the right as you look at it just to compare. In case it went hard or anything like that.

And this is the left as you look at the photo compared to the right, what a difference and the leather has kept its shape, it's feel, ie it's still very soft and flexible. 

You have to give them 24 - 48 hours to cure before they become fully waterproof, so that is the next thing to try when we get some rain. Obviously I am now going to paint the other one plus the panels I missed on the first one.

But up to now, I have to say, I'm really impressed. So if you have anything you need reviving I throughly recommend this product and it comes in an array of different colours, not just black.


chrissie said...

Looks like a new shoe Sam. Brave of you to try that.

Love Chrissie

Helen said...

wow, what a great sounding product... might have to give that a go! Thanks Sam

hazel said...

What a great idea, I've got a couple of pairs that could use this on.
xxx Hazel.

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