Sunday, 23 July 2017

James Workshop Part 1

So this photo may look familiar, apart from the fact that there are less people! We (me, Chris and Lin) did another workshop with James outside on his wonderful patio area heading out into his wonderful gardens.

Just like last time, we started off stamping with paint onto all different types of fabrics.

We used lots of different colours, and as you can see, there were loads of stamps to choose from.

A selection of the images and fabrics I used.

Chris and Lin still stamping away. They needed enough for a couple of largish collages for their bags.

Once stamped, they cut them out and started to assemble their collages.

Lin deciding what is going where.

As you can see, we had to build a wind baracade for me as every time I put a collage together, a gust of wind got up and blew it all over and I needed four sets of collages.

I eventually got there and got them glued down.

Next for me was to make the pages. James gave me a stack of envelopes, which I slit top and bottom, and then stacked them inside each other and bound them to make the book.

Then I set to adding fabric strips to some of the pages whilst Lin and Chris went for a walk around the gardens.

Gluing them onto the pages ready to sew later

After lunch it was sewing time. James giving Lin some instruction.

I know that Lin and Chris were a little apprehensive about using a sewing machine.

But after a little practice, they were both well away.

Next to make the bag, which meant measuring!

Lin placing the collage on her bag, using a couple of rulers to get it in central.

Chris had a little trouble wih the measuring, so James stepped in to assist.

Once they had the right size and shape, they started the pinning.

Whilst all the measuring and pinning was going on across the table, I was putting together my front and back covers both inside and outside.

And this was the result after everything had been machined.

Chris and Lin moved on to machine sew their bags and I was machining some of the pages in my book whilst the covers were drying.

Lin and Chris modelling their bags and me in the middle with the inside of my book.

And finally the other side of their backs and the front and back covers of my book.

Thanks ladies and James for an absolutely wonderful day, although it was a bit breezy and at times cool, the sun popped in and out and overall, the weather was really good to us and didn't stop us doing anything. A throughly enjoyable day. Can't wait for the next one.

I will be showing my finished book in more detail on another post if anyone is interested.


chrissie said...

Looks interesting Sam withnew things to learn in a very nice place

Love Chrissie xx

Claire said...

Hi Sam, looks like you guys had fun! I love your book project - can't believe you made it all in the one day! Claire x

Claire said...

Hi Sam, looks like you guys had a good time! I love your book project, the images look great and I can't believe you got it all done in the one day! Claire x

Helen said...

Great pics! glad you stayed dry and managed to rescue your collage from the wind!

Corrie Herriman said...

Looks like you had fun ! xx

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