Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Powertex Sphere

I had a play with scraps of cotton fibres around a polystyrene ball and ivory powertex.

I wanted to try and create something that wasn't solid.

I used a hairdryer to help to harden the fabrics quicker.

Then it dawned on me, how was I going to get the ball out of the middle as it was solid!!

So I quickly peeled it off and placed it in the airing cupboard for a day or two to dry solid.

And this is it stood on its edge.

And this is from the top with it stood on its edge.

And this is a little powertex man sat on top reading a little book.

And this is the little man sat inside the ball.

And from another angle.

And from the top.

And from the top and the side. Can you see how the mesh has formed around the edge.

And finally through the little gap at the back.


Helen said...

oh, Sam, this is brilliant!! I love the sphere, and the little man and his book are stunning.

chrissie said...

You are queen of this sort of work and this is another great design. Will you be giving it the dark treatment that you usually add/

Love Chrissie xx

sam21ski said...

Hi Chrissie - in answer to your comment above, yeah, I was thinking of using the bistres on it to make it darker and then making a stoneart base and mounting it onto a wooden skewer to support it, so watch this space!!

craftimamma said...

I love this piece Sam. The sphere is lovely and delicate looking but I adore the little man (I've nicknamed him Morph in my head now after Chris reminded me) and his tiny book.

Lesley Xx

Kirsten said...

I LOVE this!!

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