Monday, 29 May 2017

Stone Art - Layers and Layers

Roughed up a circular piece of polystyrene.

Started to build up the layers. After the initial layer of Stoneart I added yellow powertex and using used Stoneart added another layer.

Once I was happy with the Stoneart layers, I added sprays of bisters in yellow, brown and green.

From the front after the bisters had been sprayed.

Next I coloured the pieces of clay. The flowers were made with the new daisies Powertex mould and the cherub is also from the Powertex range. I picked them both up last weekend at Pramoda Gifts who are stockists of Powertex products.

And this is sort of where they are going to go.

From the above photo I thought the piece needed more yellow for a more rustic stone effect, so went back in and added some more before I fixed the clay pieces on also with Powertex.

Really love how it's turned out using a mix of the Powertex and bisters to build up the layers in-between the Stoneart.

So funny how it completely changes when in a different light.

Would love to take a photo outside but we've been spoilt the last couple of days and today it's raining and grey and Stoneart isn't waterproof!


Finally got to take a photo outside.


I entered a Powertex competition with this piece and won this below, which was made by Tracey Evans, from Powertex UK.


chrissie said...

Another great idea Sam and would like ok good in a garden

Love Chrissie xx

Helen said...

it looks great, like a piece of rusted stone treasure you find on the beach after it's been battered by the waves.

hazel said...

This is fabulous Sam.
xxx Hazel.

Etsuko Noguchi said...

Stunning! I love this!! xx

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