Friday, 5 May 2017

StoneArt Workshop

So last night saw me attending a Powertex workshop locally, yes I did say locally, well about 4 miles away. Jill & Carl have taken up the Powertex tutoring for this area and you can find out about any future workshops here on their FB page. There were 4 us on the workshop.

Instead of polystyrene we used some sort of industrial insulating material which was also very light and relatively easy to shape. I included a recess to incorporate the clay face.

Everyone else shaping their pieces with Jill and Carl looking on.

StoneArt was then rubbed into the material using ivory powertex to initially hold it on, this is a really fun but messy process!

The same process was applied to the back.

Jill demonstrating the bisters after our coffee and biscuits break!

These are our finished pieces. From L-R, Mine, Michelle's, Kirsty's and Kirsty's mums.

And I have to say, considering all the mess, we were very tidy by the end of the night!

Taken this morning, out in the garden.

And the left hand side which I absolutely love.

And the whole piece, as the sun was out it's made the actual stone effect look much lighter than it actually is.

If you fancy a Powertex workshop contact Jill through her FB page here. There are lots of different workshops to choose from and she will walk you through them so you end up with a lovely finished piece. If you're not convinced, pop along to one of their demo days to find out more.


chrissie said...

Interesting Sam but I don't do Facebook.. Love to see your makes

Chrissie xx

Helen said...

love the project, and how fab to find such a local tutor!

June Macfarlane said...

awesome and looks a lot of fun too x

Kirsten said...

That looks great.

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