Saturday, 2 February 2008

More Necklaces

Top left is my favourite one up to now. Star shaped with a silver coloured embellishment stuck in the middle , 2 jump rings and separate pieces or cord for each side to make up the chain. All the rest are the same except I've been playing around with my letters and tried out a black 'C' and a gold 'S' to see what they would look like as opposed to it being left 'naked', bottom right. This time I made a hole in the heart shape and managed to thread the cord through


Ang C said...

Absolutely fantastic

Helena said...

Yep, that star is fantastic, I love the colours and the embellie!!!!

This is only my opionion, please don't get offened, but I think the lettering is a little too chunky for the pieces, but then it could just be the photo!!! I know when I have posted something it looks a lot different IRL.

Fantastic work.

sam21ski said...

Thanks Helena, no I'm not offended at all, I have to say I do agree that's why I haven't actually stuck them down!!! They are chunky, they are as thick as the actual heart shape - thanks xxx

LazyKay said...

Another lovely range - it's good to have all different styles for your shop and you've become a real expert at these shapes and stringing them.

The letters do look chunky but might be worth trying a couple on the site with them on, (no need to glue them until they are ordered) some people might want that look.


hilmof said...

Love the star one and the bottom right heart. I agree about the lettering but seeing as you haven't glued them on it doesn't matter. Think Kay is right some peeps may want this look so I would show them in the shop

Hugs Hilda

Mee said...

Yep the star one is my favourite too, I prefer them 'naked' too

andrea said...

Gorgeous as always Sam

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