Saturday, 2 February 2008


Made some more buddies today, which I am going to put into my Ebay shop. Unfortunately they haven't photographed very well as the heads and bodies are quite dark, but they look good in the flesh


andrea said...

Lovely Sam,the green face 1 is ace

Ang C said...

They are great - love the little dominoes

Mee said...

Great buddies Sam

Helena said...

Hey Sam, do you have any photo editing software? If not Steve put a link in PP forum to download a free one called the gimp! If you lighten the photos maybe the bodies won't be so dark???

Love them BTW!

sam21ski said...

Thanks Helena, will give it a go, but they are quite dark to start with!!!

LazyKay said...

These are unusual.


hilmof said...

Love them!!!!!

Hugs Hilda

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