Saturday, 9 February 2008

More Clay Baking in my Melt Pot

These pieces were made slightly differently to the ones below. They were again all made from black clay. The top ones were made by putting the clay through a pasta machine a few times until the right shape was created. A rubber stamp was stamped into the piece of clay, top left, no release was needed for this technique. The piece top right has just been left plain. The pieces on the bottom left and right were again made from moulds. This time though the perfect pearls was added before the pieces were baked. Metalic perfect pearls were used for all the pieces except the little rose flowers and petals, the interference range were used on those. All the pieces were then baked in the same way as previously and left to cool and harden


Helena said...

These would make great card toppers or embellishments for a scrapbook page, I love the little rose flowers!!!


andrea said...

Excellent as always Sam

Mags said...

Fab as normal sam, well done!

LazyKay said...

Gorgeous work.


carian said...

These are fab, your work is stunning and original, well done.xx

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