Saturday, 2 February 2008

More Bits

A few more bits. Another key ring / chain or necklace on the left. The pieces on the right are possible fridge magnets / brooches or key ring / chains. None of the letters have been stuck down in case anyone fancies anything


Ang C said...

They are great - love the bottle

Helena said...

I like the red and black combo you have in the red letter A!

The bottle is so cute! You are getting really good at shapes!!!


LazyKay said...

Lovely colour mixes - strange how different everything looks depending on how the colours pour. The letters look lighter in weight in the bluey marbling.


Mee said...

Another fab set Sam

andrea said...

These are ace,the colours and patterns are fab

Ann said...

WOW!! These are really lovely Sam, really unique & will be lovely however you make them up - well done you!!!


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