Sunday, 24 February 2008

Last post for a while

I had to tidy my crafting area (aka the dining room!!) this weekend, as we are going on holiday on Friday. Mum is coming to stay to look after Fraz for us, so her and dad needed somewhere to eat their meals!!!! I'd forgotten what the table looked like too!!!

So this will be my last post for about 3 weeks


andrea said...

Have a lovely holiday

Mee said...

Enjoy the hold Sam!!

LazyKay said...

It always takes me forever to find things when I've tidied away - will you hold out from crafting until your departure?

So pleased you are able to go - you'll have a great time.


Helena said...

Hope you have a fantastic time!!! You will so be itching to get back to your melting pot when you get home, wonder how long the table will stay like that lol!!! Miss your posts while you are gone, take lots of photos and post them up for us please!!!


Ann said...

Have a great holiday Sam - will miss your brill post.......can't remember last time my table looked like that!!

Mags said...

Have a fabby holiday Sam!

Least the table will still be clear when you get back!

Claireabelle said...

Have a fab holiday Sam. I have awarded you the 'make my day' award. Check out my blog to pick up your award

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