Saturday, 9 February 2008

Baking Clay in my Melt Pot

The above items were all made from black clay, the shapes were created by working the clay and pushing it into a mould. They were then carefully peeled away from their mould ensuring they didn't loose their shape. They were then covered with micaceous iron oxide and put in the melt pot on 140 degrees for 15 - 20 minutes. They were placed on the craft sheet to cool and harden. A couple of hours later I coloured them using perfect pearls. Top left is gold with a hint of light green, top right is gold at the top and pewter at the bottom, the face has been left naked. Bottom right is an assortment of the interference colours, as are the dragonflys, bottom right. I am quite pleased with the results and think they look ok for my first attempt


Helena said...

Sam, the are better than okay they are fab!!! Fantastic technique!!! I especailly love the dragonflies!!!


sam21ski said...

Yeah, they did appear to come out pretty well Helena xxx

hilmof said...

They're fantastic Sam

Ang C said...

some more gorgeous creations

andrea said...

They are fab Sam,the colours look ace.

LazyKay said...

Great effect the way you've used the oxide and the colouring to give an aged metal look.


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