Saturday, 9 February 2008

AngC's Birthday Bits

These are a couple of bits I made for Ang's birthday which is tomorrow. I cut the letters out of Tim's papers along with a piece from the pen nib and car no plate sheets and covered the wooden block, I had wanted to make it into a key ring but my stash didn't arrive in time. Ang commented that she liked the bottle made from black UTEE so I attached the letter 'A' to it and made it into a fridge magnet - I hope she will like them


Helena said...

I think they are fantastic, and she is gonna treasure them!!!!


hilmof said...

Love them Sam and so will Ang

Hugs Hilda

Claireabelle said...

They are fab Sam, Ang will love them

Ang C said...

Sam they are fantastic and yes I do love them

andrea said...

Brilliant Sam,Ang will love them

Mee said...

The blocks look FAB Sam, I'm sure Ang will treasure them!

Mags said...

They are fab Sam, Ang will love them!

I have some blocks to alter too, urm, think I might nick your ideas!

Helena said...

Hi, me again!!!

You are tagged! Check out my blog when you get a chance!


LazyKay said...

More great work Sam.

I didn't realise you had to bake these clays, I thought they air dried.

Thanks for the explanations of how you've done things - it really helps.


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