Sunday, 10 September 2017

Car Boot

I've been watching a few youtubes about fabrics books this week and I decided I needed some doylies and lacey type stuffs for them, so this morning before I went shopping I dropped into the car boot on the field opposite Morrisons, which was extremely muddy!!! Anyway I picked up the above bundle for £2.

These two were 20p each.

This is a triangular scarf which was also 20p.

I thought I could use this wonderful edging.

These were 50p each and a couple of them are oblong.

This is a dress which is made from some sort of lace, so for £1, I thought I could cut it up.

These are baby clothes and I only actually wanted the red one, but they were 3 for a £1, so I picked the pink one for the lacey trims and organza and the white one is made of cotton with some sort of flowers on it. Again, I will be cutting them all up.

I have no idea why this has come out grey as it's actually a lovely deep black and it was only 50p.

This is the back of a lacey blouse with a couple of ruffles on the shoulders.

And this is the front of the same blouse, more ruffles and lace. It was 50p and again will be getting cut up.

So for a grand total of £7.60, I didn't think I did bad.

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Sid said...

Quite a haul Sam !!

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