Sunday, 25 December 2016

Rust Powder Canvas

Started off by pouring some ivory Powertex onto a 10 x 8 inch canvas, spreading it around and then adding in some medium sand balls and leaving to dry.

I also decided to add some string to the background before it dried. I mixed rusting powder (thank you Lesley) in with ivory Powertex, sand and a spritz of a 50/50 mix of lemon juice and water to make a paste.

Once the above mix was spread onto the canvas I then spritzed it with the lemon/water mix until it was literally saturated in it! You can use white vinegar too, but I didn't have any.

It started to rust immediately in some places, but I just kept wetting it with the spray.

You can see how wet it is bottom left and it's also pooled in the dips.

This was after it had been in the airing cupboard for about 12 hours.

Next I covered the whole of the outside with white media modeling paste and left to dry, it was quite thick as I peaked it using a pallet knife.

This is it completely dried after about 24 hours.

Love how it cracked in some places especially where it met with the rust powder.

I painted the outside with relic and then treasure Decoart Chalky Finish paints.

Then played around with lots of other colours from the media range (quin gold, quin burnt orange, trans yellow oxide, trans red oxide, paynes grey and prussian blue hue) until I was happy with it.

Love how the paint has settled into the cracks.


Helen said...

this is gorgeous, Sam!

chrissie said...

Stunning Sam. Amazing what you textures you create

Love Chrissie xx

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