Sunday, 4 December 2016

Powertex Canvas

So after watching the 7pm Hochanda Powertex show I was inspired to have a go. I haven't been able to see any of the other shows in the day as they have a problem with them on the rewind. So here's my dining room table, all ready to go.

I mixed some fine grade sand in with ivory Powertex and put it through a stencil. 

Next in no particular order I added bits and bobs by first covering them in ivory Powertex and sticking them to the canvas. Once I was happy I sprayed on some green, however I'm not entirely sure if it was Bister or PA Infusions.

I left it over night to dry and this morning came back in with green Powertex around the edges, spritzed in brown Bister and used a hair dryer to dry it. I would have loved to have added some rust powder in at this stage, but I don't have any :o( xx

Next I took a very small amount of ivory Powertex and dry brushed it over the green Powertex to bring out the textures. I used green and brown pearl ex and satin varnish to dry brush the middle pieces.

This photo shows the effects of the ivory Powertex around the edge pieces and is more true to the actual colours on the canvas.

And finally a close up of the bits and bobs which consist of corrugated cardboard, cotton scrim, loose cotton jute, packaging, kitchen roll, natural sheep fleece, strands of cotton boucle and slub and a few other things.


Helen said...

this is gorgeous! It's fabulous colour and just wonderful textures. Hope we get to see the shows when they sort themselves out, soon!

Tracey Evans said...

Way to go Sam!

Tracey Evans said...

Way to go Sam!

chrissie said...

Fantastic Sam

Love Chrissie xx

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